Error with event supercharge


At which point it will probably be too late to do anything about it


I’m still waiting for my 21,600 points or a refund of my 300 energy packs and 200 innerfire.


I’m surprised this hasn’t been fixed. Especially considering there is not as much of a need to rush through an island, and therefore not as much of a need to use megacoins (which probably means lower spending than normal for a PVP).


10,800 points x 2 failed islands to supercharge. So I’m owed 21.6k personal points but more importantly the team is owed 21.6k VP x however many people completed them.

I think a company this size could afford to have one person on during the weekend for stuff like this.


You can even do shifts. Some people work during weekends but takes 2 days from weekdays.
Support during weekends make sense for a game, where weekends is when is a peak in activity.


Hopefully get some sort of response today… most likely telling us sorry it failed… he’ll make sure it doesn’t happen next time… but it’s too much work to go through who is owed what so instead, they will gift everyone 2 energy; packs 5 inner fires, and 50 rubies :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:


Hey all! Sorry for the silence on this one. We have engineers looking into what is going on with why teams have experienced issues with the supercharge on islands.


Ticket 1528252 summarizes the issue and the impact it’s had.


This is incorrect. The supercharged islands are very much a race.


I whole-heartedly agree… WHEN the supercharge is working…


I’m 19.xk away from the next prize. I’m owed 20,600 enough for the next prize. Will I be granted this prize? Will I receive a refund? 6 hours left in the event and no awnsers is a failure on PGs part.




Unfortunately, I do not have more to share at this time regarding the issues with supercharges and if there will or will not be any compensation for the issue. As soon as DragonPunch or myself have more information, we will pass it on to everyone.


Time is of the essence and you’re running out. Support has now stopped responding too. This is incredibly frustrating considering how many consumables were used to “win” these islands. I really don’t want to waste more consumables to get to the prize I should have rightfully had already.

There should be no question as to whether compensation will be given. It was a screw up on your end, not mine or my teammates that caused this. Please don’t try to trivialize or minimize this.


4 hours left and i should have the next prize tier. How Does PG not think this a priority. Support’s last response to this issue was telling me they have fixed the issue of me not being able to hit towers. Honestly, do you all even care? This is such BS.


That’s how it’s looking. Events almost over and nothing’s been done to correct the points missed.


Whatever compensation is offered after the fact will likely be less than I am entitled to.


I wish that I had more information at this time. We are looking into the issue, and I truly do apologize that this still has not been resolved.


I’m very disappointed that this hasn’t been fixed since it was reported 4 days ago. Support still won’t respond either.


This is pretty ridiculous