Error with event supercharge


this is a joke… I am beyond stunned… PG runs a bugged event… has no one work during the weekend so it can’t get fixed… comes back on last day of event, and instead of fixing actual issue which has cost many players a good deal of money and prizes… they simply do NOTHING!!!


I would have made the 1k sigil prize tier with my 20,600 points. Bravo PG


hopefully they will do the right thing, and compensate all effected players with the prizing missed. Lx has a nice screenshot of it up above


I made sure to screenshot mine also. Since support pointed me toward apple if I’m not compensated.


All support wants to do is close the ticket so they get paid. This is ridiculous.


So nerfing something that people paid money for is more important to PG than solving an issue with an event causing people not to get what they paid for? Player happiness initiative 2019 is off to a stellar start.

Can we please get this issue resolved in a fair manner? @Arelyna


I was told they are looking into global compensation? Are we serious? If y’all are looking into global compensation for this I can assure you, it won’t be enough. I want what I earned and nothing less or I want my money i spent. You can choose, or apple can choose.

I would love to know why it’s so hard for you all to treat us fair.


PG… Global compensation would be a bigger slap in the face than anything else… 2 rounds failed to supercharge… the teams that won those rounds (got to final checkpoint and cleared it first) deserve to be compensated at the very minimum the points those players that cleared the bosses would have gotten. For many that would have helped them reach the next prize tier… so give us whatever is in the next prize tier we would have earned… is this more work for you to do? Absolutely… but you know what??? You messed up… and now you have to clean this mess… do not try to sweep it under the rug with a global apology gift…

DO THE RIGHT THING. Honestly, you talk about player happiness… the teams that won these rounds are most likely your biggest financial supporters across all the leagues… you really don’t want to shun them.


Any update about this?


We are currently in the process of reviewing which players/teams were affected and determining some appropriate compensation.


Thanks! :+1:


Hopefully by appropriate, you mean what we earned.


I hope so too. My team actually isn’t even affected by this, but it needs to be fixed! Those points should be awarded, period.


Do you personally think it’s ok that we spent money on this event and we were not rewarded with what we earned? I would love to know how you feel about it.

If I ordered a meal at mcdonalds and didn’t get my Fries. Do y’all think they would tell me “ we will make this right, AFTER we figure out what went wrong. Check back next week.”
This Is beyond unacceptable.


All affected players should be seeing compensation hit their accounts in the next few hours. We are truly sorry for the headache that this caused everyone.


Thanks for the compensation - but its a bit lacking?

to illustrate

We got 2250 rubies, 1500 egg tokens and 1250 sigils due to not getting the supercharge points on two different islands;

a lot of the players lost out on prizes true - and some didnt;


This meant we had to use energy on different islands to make up for it: at 30 odd energy packs per 100 energy, it cost most of the players an additional 90 odd energy packs and 60 inner fire PER island, and thats being ultra conservative.


I have to agree… me personally it cost me 8 extra mega attacks in order to ensure we got the extr two islands in order to win… I wouldn’t have had to do that if event didn’t glitch… that’s just what I spent… doesn’t even take into consideration what I could have received as prizes from the points the supercharge would have allotted me


So have all teams been compensated?? I know my team has not been and we were directly affected


I’m curious as to how this was decided whom was affected vs not.
Let’s just say that it’s a mix bag in our team and a lot of us did the same attacks and points during the event. So i’d be intrigued


I guess the random compensation PG threw at this issue was good enough for them? So now we will be ignored?