Error with logging in


Says that they busy updating servers so I can’t log in right now. Anybody else have same problem or is it just me. Lol.


My bar is stuck at 99% :woman_shrugging:


Is it either Timed out connection or Server updates notification?


Same and does nothing else. I was just in the game logged out and now can’t get back in.


It’s both. I get the one then I get the other. Lol


don’t think anybody can log in; it also says updating servers for me


My wife is logged in.


I get error message and am also unable to log on. Start of new season too, I hope I get all the stuff I was working on and things aren’t missing


This is the message I get



@PGEggToken @PGCrisis


I have been trying for 20 minutes if not longer now, this is seriously not cool! My team mates are experiencing the same thing, some can get in but can’t do anything. Help please!


I seriously can’t wait for war :DDDDD

the war my team may lose


Yup same here can’t get in game, what a great start to this new season!! Yippee awesome pg!




Same error



Has anyone been able to log in?


Yeah, haven’t had a single problem getting in. :man_shrugging: