Errores de atlas

hola, desde hace dos actulizaciones, el atlas me ba muy mal, las cargas pesimas, hoi puse el dispositivo de fabrica, antes de esto me iba genial, hoi tanbien compre una targeta de memoria microsd i parece que ba algo mejor, pero aun asin me ba asquerosamente mal, podriais hacer algo al respeto, i no decimee cierra google renicia tu dispositivo x k eso lo e echo ya 1000 veces, gracias

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Translation: Hello, since two updates, the atlas was very bad, by loads. Today I ​​put the factory device, before this I was great, I also bought a microsd memory card and it seems that but something better, but still as in I was disgustingly bad, you could do something about it, i do not decide close google, restart your device xk that I have already done it 1000 times, thanks

(Note I couldn’t translate everything that well since I haven’t translated anything to Spanish in a while so I gave it my best shot. Also, the person who wrote it above needs to work in their grammar a bit, it kept throwing me off).

Thanks @AndrogynousNyx! It kind of sounds like they could be running into the “Failed to set up Atlas” bug, which should be fixed in v4.35. Hopefully this new version should resolve their issue.

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