Essentials pack

A “Dragon Lord Essentials Pack” has appeared in my store.

If you buy 2500 rubies at full price (as compared to buying two of the $4.99 Construction Packs) you get an extra

1500 eggs
38.5 hours of speedups
4 common level lumber packs

Im not going to say this is a bad deal, because while the extra stuff may be kinda ho hum it is still more stuff technically than you would get for the same money from other packs. So in that sense its a good buy.

But its not a good enough buy to get me to spend any money personally.

If you want to make it better here is my suggestion to sweeten the deal;

  1. change the price to $4.99
  2. change the contents of the prize to 600 sigils
  3. change the name of the pack to “red envelope”

My maths are different than your maths :man_shrugging:
My reading comprehension is lacking though

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Clearly one of us made a calculation error since there is one and only one maths

I get 250 x 15 minutes = 3750 minutes = 62.5 hours. Minus 24 hours that would come in the two construction packs= 38.5 hours

Quick maths

Ooops i didn’t read very well there. I didn’t read the fact that this was the difference between the two packs, i thought you math’d 250 x 15min incorrectly :see_no_evil:

Don’t mind me, carry on :+1:

yeah I was comparing what came in this special pack with what would come in the equivalent cost in regular packs.

In otherwords, what are they really giving away.

Its not nothing. not a lot, but not nothing.

Compared to the 100$ pack, the Essentials pack is worth less in overall ruby value, but grants slightly more tokens for that lower overall value.

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