Ettin vs danzig vs urd; thoughts and opionions plz?

im trying to decide which to breed right now. in breeding event. durga isn’t up to breeding so ochre is out for now. im trying to do another green epic/legendary leaning towards legendary since i found out those count for the evo stones cap to be removed need 1 more.

i keep seeing him placed 1st in green tier
everyone keeps saying ettin since he has healing mark + cloak + canon resist. i’ve also heard people say they used him past lvl 100. that he can wreck bases in the 90s and have to be careful not to press self destruct or mess up the run.

him placed 3rd under hugen
i keep seeing him in third cause of the ballista resist. he has explosive shield + vampiric touch(in some places ive heard this was recently upgraded to being better dunno how true that is) + plus windwall which unlike the other two isn’t the greatest but is ok.
and him placed 4th under danizg
has havok + healing mark. he like danzig has ballista resist is a waste and you really don’t wanna have to use evasion but its better than self destruct.

what are your guys thoughts and opionions. also if one is better to help get to gold faster those thoughts would be helpful too. lol any insight into this would be a great help thanks.

Are you following a breeding guide? If not, that us more important then what you think you want to breed next.
Red has amazing paths if interested.

You need Danzig and Ettin both to get you into Gold Tier, Urd is not necessary. Of Ettin and Danzig, Ettin is worth rostering. Danzig is just a breeder.


sweet thanks both of you.
@Crankypants this will help me get to gold.
and @TheMorri i was referring to it but am going to folllow it now to the letter. is reds the lease overlap of breeding? meaning ending up with a huge surplus of a color egg that you passed in research etc. this happened to me with orange. which is why this breeding event i thought id get some outside game opionons on what i should breed next.
i ended up doing ettin and 17/ 9whatev for danzig. after him im gonng go back and follow reds for the gaps i have so reduce overlap. does that sound like the best plan?

Research isn’t as important as getting dragons and levelling your builders hut - so save your tokens and don’t breed anything that you dont need to.

If you follow Red’s plan you will have enough extra eggs for your builders hut, get the best dragons (and only dragons you need to progress) and make full use of your limited tokens.

Even though Urd wasn’t necessary, he was still actually quite a bit of fun to fly, back when I was still in green tier. The ONLY thing that made me like Ettin way better than Urd was the fact that Urd has…evade.

If Urd had cloak instead of evade, he’d have probably been my favorite dragon of that tier. I’d definately say Urd trumps Danzing though.

But as per the comments above, follow a breeding path! They’ll save you tokens in the long run :smile:

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Follow a breeding guide. Red’s is updated and is a very nice path to follow. SupermanRR has one too. However, your question…I have to say Ettin just because he’s the best. Cloak is a very dynamic spell.

Ettin is bae dont know what else to say lol

I’m wondering if he is using bae as in:


  1. an affectionate term used to address or refer to one’s girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, etc.:
    I love you, bae.


  1. greatly admired or loved.
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    His accent is so totally bae!

In that case @GriffenOfDeath Ettin is indeed :heart_eyes: bae :+1:

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Adjective lol(Im new to these words😂)

yeah i realized this thanks.

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