Event advantage because of rounds!


I’m UK based and for me the first and last rounds in this event are unimportant. Round 1 is always chaos so we just say get a few personal points but don’t attack full out in round 1. That way the bigger teams move out the way and round 2 is more manageable.

Then we go:
Round 2- push up to the Keep (ends at 8am for me)
Round 3- push up to the Training Grounds
Round 4- push up to the Coliseum
Round 5- rest in the Coliseum, get demoted (ends at 2am for me)
Round 6- push up to the Coliseum
Round 7- Rest, get demoted

And repeat, until we end the event in the Coliseum in round 17. We do this so that that round is just a wind down round, it doesn’t really have a major impact as most likely the event rank has already been decided by then.

The rounds we get demoted are the early hours ones for both the european and the US alternating so it’s less pressured on all of us.


I dont know which league you was, but maybe your team has other timelines too…
European servers had issue that first day and people wasnt able to play important times.

So we wasnt able to play to come up somewhere. It just didnt worked.
Otherwise my team had same doing… falling from coliseum during sleep…and come up again.


Gold1 at the moment going to Plat4 tomorrow.

Yeah we missed the whole 3rd (?) round, which is when most of our US players were asleep or going to work. Despite that, and despite properly starting the event in round 2 for the above reason, we are currently ranked 3rd and may even take 2nd place as we are JUST behind that team in points and they are in the training ground.


Yes and no… I feel sorry for the Asian players… They miss the entire first round. IF they work in the morning shift.

“For us, yes. It’s fab that half of my team is American or Canadian.”

That was unfortunate, but really had nothing to do with the timing of the event.


they all start and end at the same time there is no plus or minus on any part of the world


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