Event after Feeding?


Does anyone know /have any idea what the last event of the season is gonna be?


No clue, in theory it should be fort but it’s usually breeding after feeding so your guess is as good as mine


Thats true although i rather would have forti over breeding this time around


Meh personally I’m probably more ready for breeding but that’s cause I’m over 300 so that wall :expressionless: (also cause I haven’t spent past few events and I’m sticking to my guns)


I can understand your point of view yeah. As im lvl 133 i dont mind it :sweat_smile:. And i only have like 71k tokens so breeding wouldnt go as well as possible


We just had breeding before the pvp


Next event I’ll get more Garnet :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Next event will get me more Harbinger Dragons that I can’t hatch… :grimacing:


Don’t worry, that wall gonna be fixed soon :+1:t3:


Lmao you’re the eternal optimist… you have way more faith in pg than I do at this point


We need some optimism!


I’m an elite only player. Ya’ll paying players are putting lots of pressure on PG lately to get it fixed. They’re working on it … I have no doubt about it.


Where do all these silly legends come from? I’ve heard feeding is once a season, feeding is always the first week, and now this one. Not even vaguely true.


Really?look back, historically at least as long as I’ve been playing feeding was either before or after breeding and usually before. doesn’t matter how often it is it has generally replaced pvp between fort and breed


If they want to restore the every 4 week cycle, fort is next. if they want to restore the major-minor cycle, a pvp (CTF?) is next.


working on it maybe. Doesn’t mean what they will produce will actually be a good solution. In fact, based on their past performance I can almost promise you it will be pathetic and not actually fix anything.


Yep it won’t be perfect the first time around but I’m expecting an evergreen process that will be improved upon again and again :slight_smile:


Why would you expect that? Their sad attempt at N-1 wasn’t improved upon afterwards. Their sad attempt at sub-league prize scaling was not revisited afterwards. Id give more examples but unfortunately PG hasn’t done much else to improve core issues.


If they want to go back to 4 week circles then it should be fort. And I really hope it is.


Cause players like you won’t let them do otherwise :sunglasses: