Event after Feeding?


riiiiight, because the developers (real decision makers) listen to their players. Crisis and them may listen, doesn’t mean their bosses listen to them. I truly hope your right.


It’s a waiting game. Play at a relaxed pace and have fun. Don’t forget the point of playing is to have fun :woman_shrugging:


i am, and the forums are more entertaining than the real game lately. Go log in every 20 minutes to feed perch event! so much fun…


If it’s fort it will be 4 weeks since last fort and hence a return to 4 week cadence, if it’s breeding it would mean it’s another breeding without a fort in between and 3 week cadence for breeding, so my guess is fort, or if it’s going to be wierd, pvp.


I really don’t know what to say :man_facepalming:t2:. Could be anything. Don’t be surprised :hushed:. But is true that after feeding is usually a breeding. But then is fort turn in the rotation. So :man_shrugging:


I’d be shocked if it’s anything but Fort.

If it isn’t Fort that means it’ll be 5 weeks between Forts and 5 weeks between Breedings, and back to back Fort/Breeding, which everyone hates.

Fort to finish the season. Winter will start with either PvP or Breeding, with the other following the week after. As someone else pointed out, they’re stuck breaking cadence at some point to get Fort a week away from Breeding, so they have to pull a 3 week Fort or a 5 week Breeding at some point… or have Fort/Breeding back to back going forward.



The last two feeding events did not have breeding after them. In total, three out of 8 had breeding after, so pretty much exactly what you would get if you picked at random. Three others had fort, and pretty much certain this one is the fourth.


Does anyone know if there doing the sigil chests this season?


Yes next week


Noooo… no fort… my bag of timers had a hole in it


Soooo…do we know what event is following this one?? Seems to either be fort or breeding from the looks of the other posts. Any confirmation on this???


@PGJared @PGCrisis @Arelyna @PGChocolate

How is it , about a Fortification special for this last event ?
Could you give as PG a additional 20% to faster build ? So that less timer need to be used in this last one as a special ? Could be a different number too aswell…

Or a special like 50% more timervalue from goldchests during weekend from goldchests ? What do you think ?


I would hate to ask for something special as a one time deal. I’d rather attempt to try and change things properly to a reasonable level.

I also think that giving one time discounts like that could lead to players thinking that they were more permanent which would be unfortunate for some people :disappointed:


I agree, a one time “special” or “deal” will start to be asked for more than once. “Well you did it that one time, why can’t you do it again for us”

Anyhow, anyone have any confirmation on next event?..lol antsy to find out


It’s been 3 weeks since last fort, and if they are to stay on track with the old cadence and not a messed up one yet again, it should be fort. But you never know, it’s Pg after all :man_shrugging:


There are already people here and there complaining one season for the end we had double sigils in thresholds :sweat_smile: and we don’t now.


Pretty sure if they go back to their old cadence it’s going to be Fortification to end off the Fall Season then it would make sense for the Winter Season to start off with PvP followed by Breeding. Then PvP after that… Fort… so on and so forth.


Depends how they are going to use the rotation setup last breed they said their going back to old style meaning pvp before feed should be pvp after but 3 week cycle says pvp fort breed meaning breed since fort was replaced lol it’s a dice roll


im thining the same, the last event will be Fort, then next season will be opened by Pvp and then Breeding.
Its perfect for the players :wink:


I can’t decide if I want it to be fort or breeding. I mean, I could use breeding to start platinum tier but I don’t have enough tokens and fragments. On the other hand, I’m more or less ready for fort. I think that I’d be just fine for fort as the last Duskfall event.

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