Event after Feeding?


I assume they’re trying to stick with alternating major and minor events so I would guess that the next season will start fort and then kingdom war :nauseated_face:. But we will see


Does it seem stupid from PG ? Then it’s not a joke


sadly no… if you mean are we kidding about it being Fight Pits. If you mean that this event is a joke, and that ending the season like this is a joke, then yes… it’s a joke. A sad, unfortunate, and disappointing joke…


Welp, I was hoping for breeding or fort but now this? Ugh! PG, you’ve gone too far


Fixing cadence would be fort-pvp-breeding then go back to 4 weeks each.

This is putting fort and breeding both at 5 weeks minimum, and if they wanted fort and breeding separated then breed would be at 6 weeks.


Wait until PG decide that the following event is…


This is PG, after all.


First event of Frostfall will be fort or breeding. It’ll be a minor event either way


Worse case, both.
I mean first 2 events


Alright whose dumbass idea was this? They say they listen to player feedback, they say they are going back to a 4 week cadence, then they pull this shit!? Come on PG, this is absolutely stupid and you know it. Now they are going to screw everyone over at the start of next season AGAIN


Nice poster anyway. I always appreciate the commentary in the smaller print. :beers:


Fortification and breeding together!? Oh please no. If Breedification becomes a thing then I’m out of here


Yes, I reread the original post that said they’d be alternating major and minors, so I agree… Most likely the current super amazing leadership doesn’t get that while Feeding is a minor, it’s always been a randomly thrown in event, sometimes replacing a major and sometimes just getting tossed in.

So I guess that means we’re going to have 6 weeks between Fort and Breeding when Feeding gets tossed in now.

I return to my request to have someone driving who actually understands the game and isn’t drunk.


This just made me think back to the questionnaire asking about “mixing two events together” and I just felt a rush of nausea.


BTW, nice poster Poseidon. It’s amazing like always


Check @PoseidonPQ’s poster. It’s written there.


What’s next PG? Breedification? Kingdom Pits? Team Feeding? Gauntlet Raid? Temple Wars?


I just spit my drink out lmao


Never thought two words could be so horrifying.

Edit: Pocket Gems. Nevermind, found another two.


Not really sure what you’re talking about, or if you meant to reply to me?