Event after Feeding?

Disclaimer - Nothing in this post is based, in any way, on actual information. It is 100% fabrication and should not be viewed by anyone, ever.

Or they will roll out a brand-new third option to the major-minor cadence. It will be something like the “mediocre” event. The time requirement will be more than a minor but less than a major, but the good news is, you’ll be able to buy success directly in order to bypass that pesky time requirement.

Just imagine it - the New Super-Awesome Attack Coin! Now, for the low, low price of your soul, you can automatically maximize your performance in this new event!

I’m sure it will be something like that. Or something else that the entire community will unanimously support and approve of.


Minor = 5d 4h
Major = 4d 6h


Exactly! Isn’t it great?!?


Oh, crap.

When people bring up combining Feeding and Breeding, what’s the reason against it that always comes up? Food. There’s no way the economy can support enough food production for both.

Now let’s say I were a game designer with very limited knowledge of how my game works and why people play it, yet somehow I’ve been put in charge of the Events and Seasons portion of it. And, I like to make Big Changes, even though making Big Changes without actually understanding what it is I’m changing is probably a bad idea.

Hmm, I know… Let’s combine Breeding and Fortification! People always say these are done so quickly, and they use different resources, so what could be the problem? All your progression, rolled into one week! What’s not to love?

(Yes, I know this is a horrendous idea, but would you rule it out at this point?)







If by this you mean to say “Would you really be gobsmacked if PG put this through?” No, you’re absolutely right I would not. I would however, pack my things and walk away. Not because that one idea is so bad it would make me rage quit, but I still hold this slight fragment of belief that sometimes PG does listen a little. This would squash that belief in an instant.


I think I love you.


They changed it based on player feedback!! It’ll be Fortifications! Thanks @PoseidonPQ for the heads up!!!


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