Event arrack medals

Whats up with medals awarded for attacks during kingdom wars event, 1 attack i get 10 medals and one attack im back to 5k medals. Please explain the medal awarding rules during events.

More often a base is attacked, less medal is obtained when destroying the base.

(though it doesn’t explain how I get 10k medal during war…)

I think you can get 10k medals if it’s a full deck. As in base owner is defending, plus 2 additional defenders, plus at least one person for back up. (Dunno if you need two wings to get the full 10k medals though…)


Thanks that clears a lot up

yes 2 wings.

with only 1 you get 8600 Medals


Thanks, I though I’d seen somewhere that you needed two wings but I haven’t had a “full deck” in a war yet so I couldn’t say from personal experience :laughing:

You need 2 wings to fly :eyes: one wing would just look funny

I guess that’s why they gave the in game model of Gargula two wings then lmao. Because the concept art for him only had him with one wing :laughing:


For real? :joy: Does anyone have this art layin around somewhere because I’d love to see this :t_rex:


Having 2 wings is overrated.


Darn you found that image faster than me :laughing: I was trying to track down the forum post lol.

I couldn’t find it on the forums either, maybe it was on the old forums. I had to ask my good friend Google to track it down for me.

That’s what I’d done too and was heading back here but realized you’d beaten me to the post lol.


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