Event attack hacking

As this thread is closed: Invincible dragon I would like to make a post giving more details to other players. The team MaisondeBond in Sapphire 1 is using a hacked apophet to defeat a level 500 base full of level 60 towers in record time. The defender did not record the first island as she was defending against this unstoppable attack and turned on record to show the remainder of the attack (this was not the first similar attack).

I am aware that PG is already investigating the multiple reports reports from the top teams in our league. From the attacks we have seen, the officers are all perpetrating and assisting in this behavior. Every team in our league, particularly the top teams who are matched against them, are losing out on points for this whole event.


At this point I’m less interested in what happens with the offender (although ofc expecting a ban) and more interested in if / how PG will handle the event rankings if they are influenced by hacking.

Reminds me of that one good thread about skewed data from cheaters that all the fair players / customers suffer from.


fair play is must, but sapphire 1 is suck, hard defending on this event? poor attacker there

We have another problem. On pvp fight We are getting same team PvEt_platinum. So no chest drop on any runs cause 90 is the highest lvl. Any 1 having same issue?

Did you make a ticket?

I saw a lot of strange attacks wing Aphopet for last month
Never saw this dragon around earlier
And I’m not sure,if it was haked Aphopet or no,but he go threw my Long Island full of 49’s and haven’t get hit by any tower at all
His summon warrior haven’t get any damage as well
I’ve been defending my teammate against the same dragon as well and can’t even heal buildings
Look,like it’s s new Kelvin,lol


Absolutely agree
I’m not even sure,why I should spend money on pvp events,if someone can hack dragons or another items in game


If hacked, why the need for the offensive boost? :thinking: Unless that is part of the hack…

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No haven’t put ticket yet and everyone give up on this event.

Finally got 1 pvp with real team

Hmmm…how much def power that base has?
And towers lvl

@PGJared swing the Pan Hammer

I have had a Japanese team do the same thing, took no damage using a apophet, yet mine maxed does not even touch a 350 level base



I’d like to know why my topic got closed but if you saw the site I saw you definitely wouldn’t spend money on the game

Hey, I closed that thread for a reason. Submit a ticket instead of trying to start public witch hunts on the forum.