Event attack jumps right to battle results

Selecting a base to attack, select how many energy to use goes “traveling” then skips straight to battle results. You didn’t get to battle, you didn’t get points but it deducted the energy. This happened to me at least 4 times. I lost more than 40 energies including two energy packs and rubies I used to buy them.

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Create a ticket and avoid attacking that person.

send a ticket and include the name of the player.

I am unable to create a ticket. Every time I try it says “oops something went wrong creating the ticket. Please try again later”

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Hey there most of my team has been also having this issue also ! Two team members have submitted tickets but we are not the only ones . Pg is slacking ! Spending way too much time on atlas instead of working on the game we play ! Also been having probs with quests sticking and not counting properly ! So don’t feel bad you are not alone! Hope you get this sorted I know how fusterating it is ! Happy flying

I have seen the exact thing that you are describing. If the player does not exist, it will pop up a message box that says error attacking the player. However, that message is hidden behind the event, so you wont see it until you close the event to go back to the home base screen. From within the event screen all you will see is traveling message and then it will immediately revert back the the event, as you describe.

The energy will be refunded to you within 2-3 minutes, you just have to be patient. Exit out of the event and back in and the energy will be back. I have never actually lost energy to this issue, although it is definitely annoying and it affects the PvP event in other ways (like making some teams hard to beat because they have a high proportion of “invincible” non-existent players)

The problem is that there are thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of players who went inactive and had their bases archived so that you can no longer attack them, but they remain on their team rosters. I mentioned this problem in a previous post, linked here, and PG very aggressively squelched any discussion of the topic. @PGJared tried ignoring it and when that didn’t work he tried side stepping the issue and when that didn’t work he made a false claim of personal attack as a pretense for closing the discussion to any further mention of this issue. It is very clear that they want to cover this up, but I am not sure why.

You can also submit a ticket via support.wardragons.com in a web browser. Please be sure to include your support ID or PGID.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and let me know I’m not the only one. It’s getting quite frustrating to play. I too have seen issues with quests counts not counting accurately. I just kind of put that on the back burner as “don’t even bother…”

I would will say I’ve thjng, I’ve never met as nice people playing any other game. If nothing else, these issues have at least introduced me to some really cool people. Thank you! Happy flying!

my energy had only been restored a couple times, though not every time. When I bought the energy “on the spot” right before the attack is when I didn’t get refunded the energy or the energy packs or the rubies to buy them…

I wish I could say I knew what they were thinking or why they are acting this way but honestly, I just want to play an honest game without glitches and be able to contact support from within the app without any issue.

Thanks for taking the time to share and let me know what you’ve already figured out. Hope they fix it!

This all has happened to me too. So your not alone

In my silver we have a team with one active/updated we finaly got every one on it and their literly 4th place with no one playing.

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