Event attack rewards not received

i did a mega attack during the event and my game crashed as i was loading my results/rewards page and it i dident receave the x30 prize chests…id really like to get this resolved …it took allot to do the attack and thats 30 reward chests

Submit a ticket. That’s the 1st and only step until you get a response back

how do i do that?

Click on settings and then help. It’ll take you there. (I Think)

when i click the help linlnit reloads the game

it should take you to a Support page

It takes you to your browser outside game I believe. I dunno, I haven’t submitted many tickets.

each time i press it it just reloads the game to the start up screan

Huh, interesting. First thing I’d do is restart my phone. Then try again. If that doesn’t work and you have a pocket ID, I’d reinstall the game. If that still doesn’t work, have a beer, curse PG and tag one of the moderators.


If the Help in the settings still doesn’t work, try that link^ (I’m pretty sure it should be ‘Submit a request’ on the site)

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i rest my phone then i cyled my pocket id then reinstalled the game. still nothing

How do you know you would have gotten 30 chests? Either the screen had loaded and it was awarded, or the screen hadn’t yet loaded and you probably just didn’t get chests on the run?

i did the mega attack it came up with 25 bronze and 4 silver chests but it crashed

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