Event Battle Map not loading



My battle tab does not load at all. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I did not see it.

Pixel 2 XL. Other tabs work fine. Was able to load the game on an old device and get a few points last night, but that is not sustainable.

So far, I have restarted the game, restarted my phone, and completely removed and reinstalled the game. Nothing has worked. The screen below does not respond to zoom or drag commands, it is stuck



Same here just got my phone today


Just pinging weekend PX for you, though I’d suggest putting in an in-game ticket too, if you haven’t already. Guessing but it somewhat looks like it can’t handle the resolution (could try checking for a Screen Resolution option under Display in settings) O.o



Thanks was it. Needed change my display to default. Wardragons cannot handle smallest


Thank you! That fixed my issue as well. My in game help ticket had me testing my font size, but not the display setting.


:smiley: happy it worked!

@PGJared Maybe checking screen resolution could be added to troubleshooting for Android devices?


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