Event Battles lost energy and items purchased to play, server issues or?

Two times today during event battle Iwas kicked out, losing the battle and energy,
fire screen went black was not able to get back on the game for several minutes, restarted my phone not sure if its due to server being overloaded for the event wars or what, butvi lost items I purchased to play the event

file a ticket first.

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How do I do that

in game > settings icon (mid rightside of screen) > help > new ticket. Or if it isnt exactly in this order, it will be self explanatory once you are inside settings part.

I could be wrong. I just dont memorize this part of the filing a ticket. But ive raped this feature. :sweat_smile:

I didn’t get my chest during event attacks on my mega coin attacks ever since PvP bugg I attacked then the enemy team was destroyed I guess but they still had 3k hp when I attacked and they gave me a mega token but since then haven’t gotten any chest on my mega attacks

I also suggest file a ticket and maybe create a thread /topic and ask if this is a large scale ongoing issue. Thank you.

I did and they normally do good response it’s late here so could be response sometime later I guess


Pretty good service tho for the most part

And yes they are in US timezone. So you might want to wait till tomorrow for a response , but i could be wrong.

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