Event bonus help?

According to this pick from event each time I complete an attack I should get the chest award plus a bonus but not getting the bonuses how do I address this?

after you complete your attack, the screen should show your bonus chests. chests you collected during your run don’t show on that screen.

if that doesn’t answer your question, you might wanna put in a support ticket.

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The chests are your bonuses.

You don’t get a page like this after your attack?

The bonus chests are on the end screen but the 1X Bonus, 4X Bonus, etc., refer to you getting the base points, e.g., 125, times the extra points bonuses; difficulty bonus, IF bonus and so on. Press the info button next to your score at the end of a run to see these bonus modifier for points.

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Understand, but when I make a mega run and the screen says I receive up to (60) chest and the award screen says only 30 chest and then I go to the screen and open my awards and there is only the 30 chest this is blatant false marketing, I took a photo as proof. It clearly states a mega awards 30 chest plus a BONUS of 30. This equals 60 not 30
So basically each time I did a run for event I was awarded only HALF the chest the event states

Your welcome to make any argument you wish I didn’t code the event and mad as hell I have another GLICH during an event

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The 30x bonus is the points bonus, plus 30 “bonus” chests.

Only clear in your head I think… It doesn’t say that anywhere. Chests are mentioned only once, and that’s the 30 bonus chests you’re already getting, on top of the normal monument drops.


:flushed: Screenshot please…

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In response to clear in my own mind!

First in the BIG box the points are CLERLY listed. UNDER the big box it refers to the number of chest. It clearly says. 30 Bonus. (((. +. ))). That is a plus symbol by the way and usually means ( in addition to) 30 more And while the designer might be referring to pints that is NOT what is says hate me call me names what ever. I just pointing out a small error and asking clarification.

And with that you folks have a nice day.

No, no it doesn’t. That’s probably the assumption where you went wrong.


Could it be clearer? Sure. But a little actual reading is probably advisable before screaming for compensation.


Thank you Morreion, you just proved my point. The statement clearly says ( chest) not points you even underlined it
it’s not an assumption as it very clearly started it there in black and white

Uh. It says 30 bonus chests. Where do you get the idea you’re supposed to get 60 from?


statement says ((( 30x Bonus ( plus ) +30 x chest )))
So the basis award is 1 attack = 1 chest.
If you have a BONUS x30. 30x1=30. Correct

The next statement says you are adding an additional 30. ( +30 chest)

(30x1) + 30 = 30??? Please

Now everyone is saying I’m making an assumption but word problems in a math statement are exact. I am just pointing out the information, I never asked for the award and it certainly was not something that deserved such negative comments from people. as far as I am concerned I have clearly made my point and it was reinforced when someone kindly underlined the specific section, and as far as I’m concerned you can close the thread and have a nice day

:roll_eyes: Did you really watch Morreion’s picture?
Idk how you could see that little green underline, yet didn’t see the much bigger words mentioning about chests and about points


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This is wrong. (Your interpretation)

You get 30x points which has nothing to do with chests

Separate from that (and as the orange and green box morreion drew indicate) the 30 bonus chests are in addition to what you get from monuments while flying (which is where the bonus bit comes in)

So if in flight you get 3 chests and you did a mega you should come out with 3 + 30 for a total of 33.

Feel free to file a ticket in game but I wouldn’t expect anything as it is working as intended.

No, not correct. Normal attacks don’t give chests after the run.

As others have stated you are interpreting this wrong.

The 30x refers to points and is a different size and colour of font than the separate “+30 chests” to keep them differentiated. These are two very distinct points.

The first is used to show how many normal attacks worth of value you are getting point wise. IE a mega gives you 30 normal attacks worth of points. It then states that alongside this you get 30 chests in addition to what the run itself gives you.

Yes they do, I get the same chest menu for my basic attack ant it awards 1 chest

And your missing the point. HE had to add an IMAGINARY line that is NOT present in original. He thus proves that without that IMaGInARY line the text stands alone the POINTs are clearly in the SQUARE BOX with pointed clearly listed. The flow of text there are NOW 2 separate sentences Btw thank you every for for the personal hate mail. Glad we have such mature players for this game