Event broken.....again

And for the second time this year the gauntlet event is broken for me, battle screen is blank except for a blue Square in the corner. Is this just me? Clearly my Pixel 2 XL is just a substandard suck ass phone incapable of matching the unfathomable supercomputing powers of iOS. And no…clearing my cache and reinstalling make no difference, thx PG, I look forward to receiving a giant middle finger in compensation like last time and possibly a response sometime this year :+1:

mine just works fine

Check your internet connection perhaps?

4G out the house, 200mg fibre optic broadband and WiFi is stable, so not likely, it’s only ever this event

I’m trying to understand why some PvP events have a 6 hour refill cost reset, but this one is always 24 hours.

Knock on wood as this is the first time I’ve been able to take part in gauntlet without any bugs or crashes so far.

@PGJared @PGCrisis can we get a answer to the refill cost timer?

If they refilled every 6 hours they would increase the prize tiers. I think that they have balanced this event enough, any quicker refills would be too much of a time commitment to make your points.

My iPhone 6 overall runs the game better than my pixel. :woman_shrugging:t2:

those are round base event.

CTF has a 6 hour per round so its logical to reset it every 6 hours.
This is also true for Fight Pits since it has rounds for promotion and demotion.

The islands have there own resets very similar to rounds. Every few hours a PvP island pops up and then my refill cost from the last two PvP islands means I can’t take the third.

So yeah invalid point imo

Please no… just no

For this event the 24hr refill is fine. Changes would effect prize tiers as Mech mentioned earlier. This is a different type of PvP event…

The 6 hour refills are the events based on rounds, i.e. fight pits and capture the flag. Energy refill costs reset each round in those events. Theres no rounds to this event so reset is 24 hrs.

But there are rounds, the PvP island

Sort of. Pvp islands usually pop up every 2-3 hours. That would be a ton of energy resets. If they only did pvp every 6 hours, this event would get boring fast. Not to mention the differences in scoring. To many resets and the reward tier would need to change.

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