Event - Bug same teams doing multiple pve rounds

We currently have a bug where teams are doing the pve round multiple times.

One team completed the pve round in round 1 and now they are doing it in round 3.

Might need some devs to look into why this is happening since every team should get pve once only.

There could be a wider issue with the match making and its likely better to fix any issues now before people start complaining or something breaks :slight_smile:


There is an ongoing issue within your league (being a specific S2 league) where a closed team is still being included in the rotation. Which is throwing off the matching sequence.

It’s the same issue and league as last time on This thread

I had a quick look at your league and confirmed is the same issue team last time

@DragonPunch I think this should really be escalated asap. Last time I think some teams got PvE 3-4 times and others not at all.

Edit; I actually ticketed during a fight pits in December about the same team. Sent a pm with a collection of screens and ticket number etc.


Thanks for the heads-up, and for the DM Blassie! The team is aware of this and will be looking into it. If you have a support ticket on this, please DM those details as well.


Just a quick update our team has now played 3 teams twice each.

One team has now done the pve x3 times.

Depending on who matches up with who this could give an unfair advantage or force teams lower on the ranking than they should be.

Also not ideal for the team getting pve lots of times either since there is no 200k bonus and no event boosts.

I think the team Forb1dden is causing the issue or related to the issue. They disbanded some time ago but still show up in our league. Not meant as a callout since the team isn’t technically around.

Hopefully this can be resolved for the next time this event runs.

It’s happening in our S2 league, as well, and we don’t have Forb1dden in it. We’ve played several teams multiple times, and still haven’t seen PVE island.


You’re on the same league :slightly_frowning_face:

From memory You won’t see Forb1dden on the scoreboard or on the league ranking.

When you use the game API to check the league for your team it appears though. And I think you can see them in the matchups

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Occasionally we will see 2x pve guilds fighting and one of them will be vs Forbidden.

This photo from last time this event was run :

Haven’t seen them in any matchups. And we never got the PVE island.

That’s apparently a dead team only one player running it. I’m pretty sure if left unchecked this could be easily exploitable, not majorly though.

Dangerzone is in the same league as you and has seen some rounds with the team there.

Considering though that Forb1dden is sometimes displayed on the round viewer and there are a set number of matches visible, I’m unsure what happens to the extra team.

Ie. team A can see 13 matches, incl. 2 pve rounds one with Forb1dden but can’t see Team B. Team B can see their own match, and some other matches, maybe can’t see For1bdden. Since it’s not really a planned match up and a bug, it’s hard to say. It could be the reason why you are unable to see For1bdden very often. They’re the match that you can’t see on your display. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Not having any PVE rounds unfortunately is bad luck of the draw with this bug :see_no_evil: it happened the same last time


I’m extremely disappointed that this bug hasn’t been fixed yet. PG acknowledged it during the last crystal caves event and as Blassie said, it was later reported during the pits. So it should have been clear that something is wrong and needs to be fixed in this particular league.

Now the next question is, will anything be done before the next caves. And for the teams in S2, do you wanna try your luck with this bug or would you rather be in a league where the event works…


Seems like most pvp events seem to be plagued with this bug. We experienced exactly the same problem during the last gauntlet event in our league (Plat 2), when we had the pve isle appear over and over again, and never got the chance to collect decent points during the whole event. One of our officers filed a ticket to support and was assured they were looking into it. Yet nothing happened, and if memory serves me right we finished 23rd in the event. Needless to say we never received any compensation whatsoever :crazy_face:


Bottom of gauntlet is a a different kind of hell - since Gauntlet matches you with teams near you in event rank and the PVE team is “26”, if you are in the bottom 3-5 or so you see the PVE often - which makes it difficult to extract yourself from the bottom.

Easiest fix is go to leagues with an even number of teams.

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