Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


Hey all!

Please discuss regarding Event Cadence Changes here. Thanks!

Reasoning behind another breed so soon
Event Cadence Changes
Next Event. Breeding
Boycot breeding until change in effect
Reasoning behind another breed so soon
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It sucks.


If we want to get the divines (more specially the mythic) we need to participate and have good scoring in all the events. Will the sigils payout be adjusted for the new cadence?
That’s my main concern.


Anyone else insulted that they felt the need to make a 3 point flowchart to explain it to us? :rofl:


Please remember that posts need to remain constructive. “It sucks” does not actually help anyone on the team.

Additionally, for this thread, you would be better @-ing PGChocolate and PGRocket rather than myself or Crisis.


Will you be adjusting prize points to adjust for less time to acquire RSS? @Arelyna


Say goodbye to your playerbase :wave:


Are you going to adjust prize tiers as well? You have made divines more costly without an increase in sigil drops and are now reducing the potential amount of sigils that F2P and E2P can earn.


It sucks because it just decreased the points we can get during breeding, but I highly doubt ya’ll will be doing anything to compensate for that, like, I dunno, increasing egg token payouts in event prizes or chests.

That better?


By “it sucks” he’s saying that he does not like the new cadence, and would prefer the old method. He is gravely concerned that, without PvP, we will be hard pressed to earn enough sigils to obtain the season prizes we desire.

That cover it @Wolf ?


This is such a terrible idea. Most players make the most of their sigils in PvP events, due to the fact Breeding is limited by the amount of tokens you have farmed and Fortification is about leveling up, which smart players do carefully. You’re going to face an uproar the likes of which you’ve never experienced before!


Want to bet on the answer?


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I’m not usually one for conspiracy theories, but could this have anything to do with the fact that the breeding adjustment was just made? They decreased the costs of dragons, but just, in theory, decreased the amount of egg tokens we can put in them. Now instead of taking one breeding event to breed your dragon, it might take two. They made a step towards fixing progression and then promptly ruined it.

One hand giveth, the other taketh away.


You don’t know how much teams appreciate the PvP bubbles to try and recuperate losses. Honestly to me this just seems like a money venture that only whale teams can keep up with.

I would love to have a sit down discussion, with coffee and biscuits, to try and really grasp what direction you guys are heading with atlas. I scratch my head quite alot while trying to fathom what it is you’re actually trying to achieve.


Also, I suggest to start having sigil prizes in Atlas to give it more prevalence


So now instead of being able to breed one dragon (plus maybe a few research eggs or backbreed a bit to get some dragons I may have missed) per month, I will be able to breed one dragon every six weeks unless I pay to get more breeding tokens.

Not to mention, as others have said, the reduced potential for sigil payouts.To avoid outleveling my dragons with my base, I can only get maybe 4 levels per fort (this is with the old cadence). This has now been slashed to 2 levels per fort without overleveling my dragons - which will also be slowed to one every six weeks. This reduces my event points by HALF.

I just had a long-term officer quit my team because the game wasn’t fun anymore. I’m getting close to joining him.

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I could get behind that.


Precisely. My other concern is progression, though the sigil/event performance is a big one too. I am just beside myself that they discount egg token costs and then reduced the amount of time we have to grind egg tokens, negating that change. Now we’re back where we started, and progression is going to be just as slow as it used to be. Now it’ll take me two breeding events where it used to take one, or three where it once took two.


These are all concerns we’ll be monitoring closely and looking into. This event cadence is not set in stone and we will be making adjustments as appropriate in the near future.