Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


There’s only 5 left of this season?! :scream:


I think you missed the main reason they introduced those discounts; it was a catchup mechanism. Albiet a poor one. And although i do think they should have gone up further than they did,it was not suppose to go all the way up as you are asking.


I do not agree with what you write and now I’ll explain the reasons.

Bonus discounts have been added to help players who have recently started playing or not spending money. Now, with the new round of events, it is a bonus for the simple fact that they pay less for the dragons (and therefore save eggs) and less for the towers. While we who are at levels of the towers over 55 and dragons harbinger / vanguard we find ourselves in serious difficulty, as we fail in 3 weeks to get 175k / 230k of eggs and watches to make a decent fortification.

I strongly believe that my request is more than just, after the recent event of the new event tour.


I know why you want better value. So do I. But that doesn’t change what i said and all i was doing is pointing out why they didn’t do it for high level content. It was introduced to help those low level guys progress at a more reasonable rate. PG doesn’t want to make it easier on higher level players, nor should they. Vanguards and 66-70’s should be the cost they are. I do think they should have done something about 65’s and lower, and about Harbs, but PG didn’t want to go that far unfortunately. Anyways this is a little off topic as i hardly see how this relates to event cadence. we can discuss it elsewhere if you like, there are threads dedicated to this topic.


@Tinsir @mechengg @Gox1201, et al:

Beloved, non-elected, lifetime appointed representatives of the people,

Please read what @AeanaeA said.



I did not want to discuss the bonuses given to the players, it was not my intention to do so.

I meant to say that with the new round of events they should give it to us too.

The new round of events leads to a slowdown in player growth both in fortification and in generation, I find it very inconvenient. So I do not find it right that we do not even have a minimum of help, such as discounts on dragons and towers.


Sorry to be fairly blunt. But are you not on an atlas team? 175k eggs in between breeding events isn’t a big reach for an established atlas team.


Greetings, citizen! As it happens, the same thought (33% instead of 25% being the correct reduction) occurred to me about 2 weeks ago. I’m such a good representative that I can listen to the people’s concerns a fortnight in advance of them having them.

-Glorious patriotic heroic Tribunus Perpetuo Tinsir


of course!

but every 3 weeks it is impossible to make 175k of eggs and more.

With the standard lap, I could very well. Sometimes, even without spending money!


Since most players do not have atlas, I think it is unfair to use what “an established” atlas team can achieve…
Why the fascination with min/max? Neither is balanced.

You set that as the standard, I say a player in P4 without atlas who does his multi runs everyday on 10 dragons, does the small mission 4 times, the middle mission twice, and the big one once is the standard.

Why is yours better than mine?


I think it’s fairly reasonable to assume that most active players at Vanguard or Harbinger tier do, in fact, have atlas. Given that the statement I was responding to was referencing the issues with not discounting Harbinger and vanguard tiers, I’ll stick with considering the affected players, rather than the entire player base.

I think we just disagree with this. I don’t spend, I’m well on par for 200k tokens by next breed. Although 200% token bonus may blur my predictions a bit.


Lucky! That’s awesome, I’m only on track for 150k for next breed, no egg boosts though


I think what I’m trying to say is the game should be designed with a certain kind of player in mind.

It’s unbearable right now because from sapphire forward, the game was made with pretty heavy spenders in mind. And for a long time, it was not adjusted at all. We are all paying that price now. We have a broken game because profits have come before balance. I believe this is a hallmark of a game designed to be a profitable as possible and to be cast aside when it no longer makes enough. Look at any of the popular games that have lasted 10+ years. What was their balance point? I doubt it was the top 10% of players.


@Freddezza was speaking about the difficulties in Harbinger and Vanguard tiers, saying 175k+ tokens are a big ask for them. I was disagreeing with the fact that’s a big ask. I haven’t said anything regarding the difficulties in any other tiers.


Yes, we can do maths as well.

You don’t stop earning tokens and timers during the event so why should it be omitted? Hell, some people even earn MORE tokens during breeding due to the inherent desire to complete a dragon so they spend a few of their rubies speeding up missions that they otherwise wouldn’t have. So does this maybe also allow for us to propose only a 15-20% reduction in prize tiers because due to a weighted average this one “lower” week is the one that’s omitted? (sarcastic but you get the point i’m making, you can try and tweak the math in any way that fits your end goal if you try hard enough)


I guess it depends what is a “big task.”

Seems a pretty large time commitment is needed to hit 175k. I mean, if you played a sport as a hobby, how many hours a week would you do it? Enough to get 175k tokens?


Well, your elitist leanings are well-known. You like things to be exclusive, even if it means you’re excluded.

I’m more a populist.

And I can make the numbers say just about anything. As I’m sure you can. Doesn’t mean your interpretation is better. :kissing_heart:


So i repeat my question.
You don’t stop earning tokens and timers during the event so why should it be omitted?


Whilst @mechengg is in the building I’m definitely not going to say I’m a big token grinder. But I do grind missions a little. Vanguard and Harbinger isn’t supposed to be something you can get f2p whilst being only slightly active


daily I take 2k of eggs. Between atlas and alloy eggs.

The event is every 3 weeks … then 21gx2 = 42k only with atlas and eggs of the league.

We have 200 or 250% applied for a week. I’m a very active player so luckily I can do the missions for an hour ALWAYS, except for the night of course. Let’s say that 10 times a day I do them, 2 times the average and once the big one.

Small mission = 93 + 93 = 186 (186x10 = 1860)

Average mission = 186 + 186 = 372 (372x2 = 744)

Big mission = 372 + 372 = 744 (744x1 = 744)

Total: 186 + 744 + 744 = 1674

1674x21 = 35.154

35.154 + 42k = 77.154

It means that I am missing 100k of eggs to make a Legendary Harbinger or Vanguard.

With the awards of events between personal and those of minimum team make 3k. 3k x3 = 9k

77.154 + 9.000 = 86.154.

It means that I miss 90k. A player who does not spend or spend a minimum, it is almost impossible to do 90k in the trunks.

This is a calculation according to my level of play, certainly someone else will be different but for those who do not play in diamond or does not have many castles on the atlas, will have more difficulty.

However, the problem of eggs is a secondary problem. The main problem is the clocks, for us high levels really need many. To make a level with the 12% rider we need 156g …

With a minimum of money you can make 400g if you find enough clocks.

So I keep saying that I think the tour every 3 weeks will give many difficulties.