Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


I’ve never worked out where my eggs come from. But I know for certain I average more than 10 novice missions a day, because I do speed them up a few times

(Will elaborate when boss leaves the room)


Vanguard and Harb should include either a bit of an egg grind or light spending to finish before new tiers are released.
As for timers that’s a whole different story. Damn timers. Breeding after fort will suuuck. I need time to get timers for speeding eggs out of the incubator :see_no_evil:


I’m just gonna say that with your calcs right here, even if breeding was every 4 weeks you still wouldn’t have enough eggs for legendary harb or vanguard. So… yeah


Really? Damn. That’s crazey


I certainly would not have finished but with one more event per month I would have had the chance to get more eggs. the new round of events increases even more the need to spend money in the game.

This month, for the new lap, I had to spend more than I spend monthly. And I do not find it right.

In all this, however, who thinks about the clocks!


Since you repeated it, it must be important.

Let’s look at a whole year, shall we?

Previously, we had a four-week cycle. There are 4 quarters in a year, each with 13 weeks. Feeding appears to usually replace a PVP (with the guaranteed not have 5 weeks without a PVP, I have substituted a breed build on occasion), and happens at least once per season, but sometimes twice.

7 months per year have 31 days, so let’s suppose that feeding happens 7 times every year. (Why not?)

With the old cadence, this gives us
13 breed
13 build
19 PVP
07 feed

The new cadence is
16 breed
16 build
13 PVP
07 feed

To account for the additional feeds in the old system, I substituted 3 PVP. In the new, 2 breed and 1 build.

What story would you like to tell?


That didn’t answer the question :rofl:


It did, with another question.


If the problem is that you can’t reach an arbitrary standard at a given level of activity, you have 4 options:

  1. Spend more

  2. Play more

  3. Reframe your expectations

  4. whine

If you are trying to breed harbinger but only gaining 30k tokens/week because you don’t play a ton (you are ignoring chest opens and event prizes as well), see 1-3.


Because you earn fewer and many people spend them in that event.

But the biggest is that you can’t earn as many.


Prove it.

In my experience people earn more tokens & timers during minor events than they do in major events. So again, name the circumstances in which you are earning less speedups and tokens with the new system.

Yes, that is what the event is…using your saved items…


Who needs proof when you have conjecture? :man_shrugging:


That’s true for me. The pvp events are too resource heavy to do well consistently for the free or elite only players.


How about you prove I am mistaken.

Don’t forget the prizes.


I do not want to answer the question money much less time because I would go off the subject.

Ok eggs, but the clocks? Finding 15 watches from 12h is much rarer than finding 3k of eggs


Sure… What proof did @mechengg provide?

About as much as I have.


What makes you think you earn less timers and eggs during the minor events? I mean, this is something I really don’t agree with.


Fewer rubies means fewer chests means fewer everything that matters.

Regardless of when you cash those rubies in, you make fewer in the minor events when stopping at the 450 prize.


How are there fewer rubies in minor events?

It’s also a whole lot easier to go well beyond the 450 sigil mark in fort and breeding than it is in PvP. So that’s a bit of a poor marking point to use


So there’s this just lying around from 2 days ago. Sounds like bologna if you ask me but what do I know?

Fight Pits and Kingdom Wars give about as many rubies and tokens as Fort and Breeding so… And if you wanna cite Team Gauntlet then sure. Feeding is WAY easier to max out compared to any other event and you would probably earn more rubies and tokens in a feeding event than any PvP including Team Gauntlet.