Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


Feeding hasn’t changed. It’ll happen just as often as before.

Don’t use that as your example.


Based on your little thing up there, Feeding occurs more frequently than Team Gauntlet. Major events have a powerhouse event and so do Minor events. :man_shrugging:


Does that look better?


Just posting things here first then commenting:

Fort @ 450 (read the sun at the bottom);

Breed @ 450 (ditto):

Pvp @ 450 (Ditto):

So looks like fort has ~7k rubies at 450, breed has 6k and gauntlet has 10k.

People were saying gauntlet is most rewarding so let’s take a look at fight pits:

I will say fort and breed take much much less time and effort to hit those prizes and is easier to go beyond the 450 prize, but yea when compared at the 450 prize, some pvps provide technically more rubies.

Source: Mechengg's Spreadsheet Vault


Not based on my little thing.

Look at historical data. Do you anticipate feeding will happen more often? If you do, why?


game is getting more and more boring
they never changed the chests drops for the events
the inner fires and energy packs so unfair
the time of building and hatching dragons so long
the timers in the chests never changed depending on the player level
the high level players rarely get chests during the attacks even in atlas
the runedust is something need to be more even in season branch gifts and the silver chests
the drops are not matching the event (like getting black pearls in pvp events !!!)
the sigils drops in gold chests is more than rare now
atlas weekly quests are mostly for the ones who got elite
gaining no chests in atlas even if you get glory sometimes and the glory that we get is low now
players losing lots of troops and getting almost no glory no chests after losing 7500 troops
the event achievements being harder to get
the event quests gifts are silly and low if you know how much time we put on them
the daily xp is very low and same for perch daily xp

all pg do is work on visual changes and adds while we complain for years … yes all visual like the new pattern and the avatars
idk how much longer the players will keep silent one day you will be sending massive free gifts so you bring the players who quit back because its getting boring and unfair and no one listens and no one really do changes that took us years complaining about


13 PvP with new Cadence. 25% will be Gauntlet. 7 Feeding. We have more Feeding than Gauntlet events and Gauntlet is the one that pays well. I guess Temple Raid is there too in which case it’s equal at best, 6.5 good PvP events vs 7 Feeding. Now since the other 2 PvP events give the same rewards as Fort and Breeding for the most part, best case scenario PvP gives an equal amount of rubies and egg tokens as minor events but require far more work and effort. Oh, except for the part where there’s fewer PvP and more minor events. It’s a lot easier to do well in Fort than it is in PvP.


Fight Pits and Kingdumb Wars don’t give nearly the same payout as Gauntlet though.


I was talking about feeding. How many feeding events so you expect?


I see 7.

You agree?


Well it is what you wrote, why does it matter?


I second that. Even with current triangle cadence we have since beginning of season it’s easy for me to get to 500 sigil prize during fort especially after 25% discount, same with breeding with its own discounts. While I really struggle with getting at least 400 sigil prize in pvp not saying higher.

Even though I use up all timers during fort and start to collect only after it ends, I get enough to get 15 levels next fort too. As for tokens, I use all of them in first 15 mins and by the end of event already have 25k new tokens + 2 more weeks to save them.
So minor events in terms of prizes way easier. Way harder to get enough energy crates and IF.
(Only elites and 167 lvl player with atlas)


Since each event gives different prizes, shouldn’t it be fair to compare all 4?
I think Gauntlet is among the most rewarding pvp…


True, editing.



Do all the events.
And then remember that under the old system we say each pvp event more often.

Look at a whole year when doing you totals, not a single season. Since all you long gamers are playing for the overall progression, the question is does this change help.


The events are also 25% more frequent. So it balances out. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Yes. You get more timers from Atlas anyways and the event cadence doesn’t affect Atlas events at all. Case closed :+1:


So, there are more than 52 events a year now?


Do you even read what I’m replying to?


Ignore atlas!

Most players don’t have it. It should not be a consideration in this discussion.