Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


I guess that balance works well as I don’t feel changes in my performance in events whatsoever :smile: get same prizes as always without changing style of playing


It seems that no matter how badly PG screws us certain players will always jump to defend them. I wonder if PG buys them out sometimes :joy:


Yeah and I have hotdogs where my fingers should be, you gonna complain about that too?


Funnily enough, I’m on par with both breeding and feeding. Yet I haven’t spent at all.
It seems no matter what PG does some people will always jump on the offensive.


They appear to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

PG doesn’t even need to buy them.


Since I am only lv 91 currently I have always looked at feeding events as the events that I can do well in. For example, I got 700k-800k points the last feeding event through stacking xp on all my dragons.


I know that I do more missions during breed, and thus earn more tokens. The incentive is much more real for me when I am actually breeding the dragons. During pvp I weigh a mission, looting resources as an example, vs doing event runs to bust the pvp island first. If I have a limited amount of time I take the pvp first, and egg missions become secondary.


All I want is something simple - modify the XP for each tower starting level 62 to 160k from 104k points they now have. If PG could also add the 2 days timers - gold chests only if nothing else - it would be a good start also.



I got 6 mil points last feed… I’d rather do any other event lol. Feed has always been easy points, but it’s a bad event imo.


I have to say this last event was just plain boring. Rinse and repeat attacks, with little to no skill or fun, and ridiculous point awards for personal and team.

I’m really starting to lose interest in this game…


I doubt I will ever make it past the timer wall but I was looking forward to fixing building mstakes…


Monday morning: new event is announced. Let the groaning and a whining commence. This may be exclusive to my team, but I find that hard to believe. For many of us, the new cadence is making us decided whether to over level our base in pursuit of sigils, or to risk falling short of our seasonal-prize branch goals (or spend) in order to maintain our attack/defense ratio. For some, the new cadence may be a book, but I garuntee any vote taken in my team would result in a reform of the current cadence.


Well i read its not possible do 90k eggs, serious? I did 160k since last breeding with that 250% boost🤦‍♂️


And im not really a grinder, not boosting missions lol


70k without boosting (200%) from last breeding - how do you get 160k??

Edit: without the 125% boosting, just 100% that was translated to 200% now


Pvp event+ doing missions. 160k since breeding.


/drools a little


Well i not stop at 87k pvp haha
Give me an better job where i can play during day and i show you how to do 100k+ token a week


Question, with this new layout, is it still best to open gold chests during pvps (to get packs and fires) now that we only have them maybe every 3 weeks?


Since its never been best I guess the answer remains no…