Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


I’m at 95k with 200% bonus, though iirc 13k of that was picked up Sun->Mon though so I wouldn’t count that as since breeding. I HAVE been speeding up some missions and doing maybe 5k of grinding. I also hit the 500 sigil mark, so have gotten a lot through PvP.

160k in 7 days without grinding… Guessing a lot of gold chests, a metric f-ton of bronze chests (since I had a bunch too), higher balloon bonus and better team based rewards?


I would say no, but I personally focus more on minor events than PvPs because I never really do all that well in PvPs now, so i guess I might be biased. I open my golds in fort. Get yourself some timers and Embers/Pearls/whatever, it’ll help you in long term progress I’m sure. :t_rex:


Good point! Thanks :smiley:


I still prefer to open golds in PvP because A) I enjoy PvP and you can’t score well without these items and B) I consider Ice/Fire Shards, XP Boosts/Potions, and Food/Lumber Packs to be mostly useless trash. Check mechengg’s spreadsheet in Resources and see what drops you’d most like to get.

You get a few more timers in Fort or a few more eggs in Breeding, vs. items that let you collect those items through PvP activity. TBH unless you’re buying in bulk I don’t think there is a best, it’s all personal preference.


I think if you have that many egg tokens in one week due to your egg boost then you are a grinder or very well placed in team/league lol. I am most definitely not a grinder and have a whopping (/s) 40k tokens- and 1/4 of that was left over last breed


My concern is, who’s going to fully participate in all of the more frequent Fortification? Unless you want to out level your dragons, there are times when we all have to be careful how much we do in Fort. This Imo will be the event that’s going to cause less prizes all around. Except for the people that dont have any concern of over leveling.


Yeah but they don’t have to build as much is the idea with the point reduction. E.g. instead of doing 7 tower upgrades to hit the 450 sigil prize you only have to do 5 now- so over the course of 12 weeks you’re pretty much on par level wise


That helps, guess it will all depend on how big of a hole ones trying to dig out of😂


I’m so glad it will take people fewer timers to hit the 450k sigil prize. That has definitely addressed the shortage of timers in the game relative to the high cost of towers. Fort being more frequent now means I’ll be able to hit 300 like a boss and stroll right up to those level 75s with all the timers I’m saving with this point reduction! I’ve seen the light!


Yeah, I’m over 90k and I was at 0 this time last Monday. Huge gain from the boost.


Yay…another fortification.

I’m confused as to why leveling your base is constantly incentivized but not leveling your dragons. It was bad enough with the four week cadence and now it’s just ridiculous.

How’s is the choice of outleveling your dragons (even more) or not participating in fortification making the game better?




The new cadence is AWFUL! It doesn’t give people enough time to build up speed ups, or sufficiently level dragons for breeding. Its completely unfair and their is not a single player on my team or any other team I have chatted with in any League chat that thinks the new cadence is good. EVERYONE HATES IT!


This is where being smart/patient is important


Well we have had this rotation this entire season , I was annoyed at first but with the changes in prizes in the minor event, it doesnt feel that bad even though chest drops have been messed up this entire season.


Sooooooooo… @PGChocolate @PGRocket @Arelyna @PGJared

Can we get a status report on how you think rotation one of this new cadence has gone? I think the community and myself would be quite interested. Cooperation is good, no?


This is a great idea, let’s vote on it!!


As the impacts appear to be different for every level, place in which team/league and other individual contributing factors I would like to suggest that for SOME of us the options appear a little bit different

  1. Reframe expectations
  2. Play more than we already are (even where not humanly possible)
  3. Spend more
  4. Whine
  5. Play less and not bother
  6. Any combination of the above (including all)
  7. Convince your entire team to migrate to FORTNITE instead( because of options above and FORTNITE will probably be more fun and cost you less)

Number 7 looks more tempting everyday.


To be honest, i think it’s pushing me to play less. Because what was a tough but realistic achievement before, is now unrealistic.

Whilst I understand if I play at the same rate I’ll get the same overall, most of us (myself included) are goal oriented.

I don’t want to spend when PG’s attitude has become this money grabbing fiasco.

I could play more, but dammit, it’s tough, and grinding tokens will take away rubies which I desperately need for Chests in fort - appears to be a no win situation.


um, I hate to rain on your parade but the changes they made don’t have much effect the higher you get. You will hit 300 and rather than stroll, you will crawl (at best).

This coming fort will take me 900 days of timers to go from 301 to 307 without leveling storage, farms, mills. Only combat towers.