Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


No rain; my parade marches onward. That post was 100% sarcasm on my part. :laughing:


Completely agree. We are Gold 1, no atlas (not that we want it). No way to incubate and level dragons without using tons of timers that take 30 hours to forge.


I still say that incubation times and storage upgrade times will be the make or break to the new cadence.


I saw a suggestion to reduce the incubation and storage upgrade times in this thread somewhere. I think that would be a good thing. :t_rex:


Almost a needed thing with the new event cadence :expressionless:


Incubator, Castle and Storage would be the ones to change.

What I hate though, it’s the fact that Building is followed by Breeding. So I need to keep 32 or 64 days to be able to hatch 1 or 2 dragons. If PG would reverse the order, I would be a little happier.


or ditch the shorter cadence


You’ve convince me I’m wrong about the numbers. (I’ll be 100% honest, I spent a few days trying to prove mine and can’t).

I still think this will slow “bigger” players down in the 200+ range but maybe that will slow the crazy release rate of new dragon tiers and that’s probably a good thing.


I doubt they’ll ever bring back an event for the easiest thing to grind. You always get the same xp for the same base no matter what, requiring players to use food encourages chest purchases which encourages ruby purchases. I would absolutely love this…but no way they bring back an event that probably costs nothing to very little in $$$


whens best time?


During the event of the resource(s) you want the most


Thaaaank you


Still think the argument is largely goal orientated, especially over lv300 when in all likelihood you’ll get 1-2 levels per fort and a fair chunk of a dragon every breed…for me? That’s heart-wrenching.

I see two realistic situations for non-spenders:

the goal orientated but slightly lazy player
Get as many tokens as you can with low mission churn. Breed your goal dragon as far as you can, leave whatever you can’t get. Suffer in points/rewards.

Finish breeding dragon next breed because breed is achievable and a realistic goal is in place.

If you have significant tokens left (Which is a big if and you calculate your goals properly) you then face the decision of grinding your dragon out (which if it’s icicle or similar, you will need a divine intervention) or leaving the tokens for next time… again resulting in poor event reward.
Result slower progression, demotivation.

the goal oriented grinder
Will grind tokens out. Use the majority, if not all of their rubies doing so, and may still not meet their targets.

If they do this time after time, slowly pushing forward, until they reach 300, and can’t push levels hard enough to keep up with this breed rate because their rubies are depleted to negligible.

result faster initial progression that ends in demotivation or burn out.

To me? This is trying to tighten up one of those spiral ramps in multi-story car parks a little too much, you’ll have some cars that can make the turn easily enough and consequently get there faster, but so many more will just hit the wall or be forced to make 20point turns to get from bottom to top.

As always, it’s a change that didn’t need to be made, when pg’s attentions should have gone into proper scaling of towers/levels over 300.


This, so much. Changing things that aren’t really broken and ignoring the true problems :man_facepalming:t2:


Have they released the points for prizes in fortification? Or is it literally just 25% fewer points gets you the same prize?


All point tiers are scaled back 25%


Yes. All prize tiers have the same payout but require 25% less points to reach which means you can build less and get the same rewards you used to get.




2,000+ comments in and this is still the best one.


A comment specifically related to fort event and the new cadence is that wood/food boosts are attached to the storage… not sure why when storage only holds the rrs, the farms and mills produce it. As a result of the shorter turn around between forts, many storages are still under construction from the previous fort event… the previous cadence they were completed or near completion. So the direct result of the new cadence is that you either have to speed up your storage to start your rrs boost or do without.

Storage upgrade times need to be significantly reduced (all infrastructure imo) and I would like to see the boosts activated from the farms themselves… now if you wanted to make a boost that temporarily increase the storage space then it would make sense to have that attached to the storage itself.