Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


For things like feeding it’d be great too, I hate having to speed up a storage upgrade if feeding comes around because I have food boosts to use :expressionless:


I think it’s funny that every time you upgrade your storage it only goes up like +21k.
That’s way to many upgrades just for storage.
This is a timers sink without sense


Dunno about you but I have hit the point where my storage hut still had a week left under be old cadence. It’s even worse under the new one :unamused:


Can’t wait until my storage hits the 50+ day upgrade jump and I stare into the abyss as my timers vanish. :t_rex:


HATE, absolutely HATE this new cadence.

Timers are going down in way to short a supply now, with less time to build up between events. Plus “personally” find it BAF with this fort, then breed and the nerf of atlas elite.

I thought you were trying to get people to play more; I am struggling to stay interested with this new cadence, and see my time ending soon.

And listening to teammates, they all have less tokens than they need to accomplish breed goals with breed so soon again. With an extra week, most could have ground out the rest they needed.

All in all, just another few nails going into the coffin you call this game.


@PGRocket @PGChocolate what’s the point in having a discussion thread when you’re just going to ignore it all anyway? Really thinking you guys are trying to kill off this game.


Found this

The average life expectancy of mobile phone games in 2 years or so, but if the mobile phone is a great game, such as COC, CR etc., may live longer, it mainly depends on the quality of the game and the game company’s maintenance, and every day a large number of new mobile phone game to enter the market, exacerbated by the game player to choose the game the frequency of overall mobile phone game screen in life will be more and more short

They do have a new game in the works. I feel they are more focused on the new one.


:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: I’m close to this and I’m dreading it. I think they will accomplish their goal of keeping new players engaged only to lose them in the early 200’s


Well if they are building a new game; I wish them the best. However, after the way i have seen them run their game and treat players after 2 plus years, i for one would not even bother to try their new game even if it seemed like it was the most interesting one to come out in a long time. They have lost my faith to further support them in any new ventures. But will continue to chug along in this game for the time being until they finally piss me off to no end (they are very close)

And i find it funny that COC and CR are quoted. i played SC games for years (and still play my accounts) because the games are well designed and they don’t treat their players like sh.t


Not long after they had job posts listing an unreleased title, trademarks that they registered also showed up :stuck_out_tongue:


Job postings was the reason I found out.

Back on topic, please end the event cadence “TEST”
Please and thank you :heart:


Just make all events follow atlas events




Now that we are nearing the end of fort, and starting down the barrel of the up coming breading. Is anyone else feeling the effects of the cadence change? I know I am.

Not good at all. :timerbronze: :eggtoken:


Heal potions :sob: (no emoji)

off topic.
@Arelyna , is it possible to add some more emoji?
Heal potions, elemental ember, and pearl
Pretty please…


Down to my last 60…from 524 before last pvp :frowning:


I’m still at 40s, even though I’m constantly forging potions, using mostly normal recovery for xp runs (invader runs with 8-9 dragons), and burning a lot of timers.


I’m at 1194. Would give you and @OrcaFrost some if I could. Haven’t been flying as much as usual.
On-topic: Haven’t really felt any effect recently but I am not looking forward to the reduced time I have to build up chests. :t_rex:


Hmm, I just felt that chest drops were off last PvP. Didn’t grow my bronze chest stock at all. Potions: something’s stealing mine, I’ve never dropped below 500 since the start of summer season >:(


I agree. Though I feel like chest drops have been reduced in general… alas, I have no evidence for that. :man_shrugging: :t_rex: