Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


Tell you what I’m feeling… I’m feeling we need that 250% boost to be a regular season reward in place of the 125% and the 200% instead of the 100% season boost… when I say it’s worth the sigils, this is the first time I might be able to breed 2 dragons in the same event since platinum dragons


With how much I fly, I used to get about…200 bronzes each event, at least? I’ve gotten about 100 so far, this event. Could be nothing, could be owed to my heal pot shortage, but, still, odd.


Imo even 150%/200% would make me very happy. I think it’s a needed change, if they want to keep this new cadence. Am farming tokens right now in celebration :^D


I absolutely agree. This would definitely boost my activity and event performance + motivation to achieve higher goals because finally I’d feel like I’d be getting somewhere with more tokens. Faster progression = a happy me and presumably happy other people too.
I especially feel like this is needed with the new cadence and less time to accumulate tokens (no matter the achievement requirements reduction, which I feel doesn’t really fully alleviate the issue).

@Arelyna @PGCrisis — Is this something that could be passed on and considered by the team? :t_rex:


Due to less PvP (which gives the most heal potions drop) I think it’d be nice to have 0 heal time branch as well.

That will save my speedups a lot (probably around 500h to 1000h for each event. Probably more…)


I’m down to 1040 heal pots and having mild panic attacks because I feel like I’m running low :see_no_evil: Team gauntlet really chewed through my supply :cry:


It can be done if PG will it. What concerns me is the ruby cost speeding it up. If they will also double it, then it does not matter. What you only save is healing potions and time but you are burning the same amount of rubies faster than you earn it.
Yeah sure it is beneficial for those who do the egg token mission casually. But for those who grinds it, it is more becoming for them to spend less time logging in.
:thinking: worst they won’t come logging in again.


I’m actually dont feel like I’ve missed a beat with this new change. But I grind alot to make up the difference that I miss, but it’s more stressful to make my goals between breeds.

The problem with chest drops has affected me way more then the event sequence change


Grinding works in the short term, but are you prepared to keep this up in order to propitiate your progress?

The 250% egg tokens is the only thing keeping breeding afloat - when that goes - the “test period” will be over, I implore you all to consider that :see_no_evil:


I probably wont notice until the next cycle then it will hurt. The egg token compensation may even offset it until next season. My timer supply is hurting already. And going from fort to breed is just boring.


Lol I am currently at 500. Last season I generally had 100 or less. I had several weeks where I had 20 or less.


The mistake many of us make is that PG make apps. This means they employ various strategies involving gambling psychology in order to generate sales. We expect them to play by rules set up by proper computer game devs, which never applied to PG.

I know many people who, like I used to do, bought a couple of extra packs during breeding and fortification events. With the cadence changed the way it has, they are obviously hoping to stimulate more sales. In my case their plan backfired and I have now stopped spending. I just hope others do the same.


Thanks, PG. I still HATE this change.


My team doesn’t even have Atlas! :tired_face: pvps are all we have!! Lol


It’s horrible. This was the worst event score I have ever put up for a Fort event for as far back as I can remember. (And yes I am factoring in the point reduction change). With the overall reduction in time to obtain speed ups combined with the increase need to use more than in the past (hello shorter windows for those long tower upgrades between Fort event and the added usage to speed up eggs between breeding), I am pretty disgusted that PG has completely ignored this topic after the initial 25% reduction which we told them wasn’t enough.


I scored highest points I’ve ever had during this fort :thinking: first time for me to hit bonus points. wasn’t even collecting speeds, they just pile up naturally from prizes in dragon lines and some in atlas and some gold chests. 25% reduction pretty much works for me


The other thing i am wondering:

What were folks thoughts on wood abundance this event. I know our atlas banks were never emptied and are already full.

I did not need to bank withdrawal once, and gathered all rss by hunting this event.

So it begs the question, if this cadence remains in place and there is an abundance of rss, what the hell am i doing wasting my time in atlas doing upgrades.

It just seems like this cadence actually further separates the “2” games. its not like i spent more time battling in atlas than i already have. I actually spent less in atlas since i could hunt in the main game more


Have to say we experienced the same regarding rrs availability…


Maybe because lack of timers with the new cadence? I saw that also, the abudance of resources


Personally, I spent all weekend fighting an Atlas war against bored teams. I’m exhausted, spent, and find myself missing the core game.