Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


I don’t think we will really notice all the implications of the change for another one or two “series” of events.

Things I immediately notice:

  • Storage and Infrastructure times are even more out of whack than they were previously, and they have been an issue for some time imo (a bit of a broken record since I’ve definitely mentioned this earlier in the thread)… players have to choose between speeding up storage to get boosts or doing without… castle and incubator upgrades are having to be planned out further in advance to accommodate for the change… i.e. incubator at 57 days takes three forts to run instead of two

  • Less need to hunt rrs has led to a significant down tick in bronze chests… last fort I had just over 700, this fort 190 so far)… there will be serious consequences to this in a couple of events… I’ll actually hunt chests next event, but I was curious to see what the direct results of sticking to previous patterns which mainly revolved around hunting for myself and teammates during fort events

  • Complaints from team about the event taking too long now, 3/4 of our team was finished on Friday, likely a combination of rrs availability and less timers available, on a personal note I took more personal time this weekend rather than using the extra time not grinding rrs in Atlas

  • Going into breeding the incubation time needed to speed up to get a dragon ready and breedable is 7 days more… not a huge hit in and of itself, but along with the infrastructure hit and other consumable reduction gathering time I suspect will become more painful as the new cadence progresses

  • No hit to team reaching team rewards this go around, but noticeably less of our most active and highest contributing players reaching higher rewards… but as the new cadence continues I suspect that this may not always be the case… jury is still out

  • Many teammates made similar contributions compared to previous fort events but are noting a decrease in timers compared to their standard “stash” moving into breeding

  • Players that prefer to take the long road to gathering xp to make their dragons breedable, opposed to those of us who hatch just prior to the event and power level them, are noticing the reduction in time and the increase in time required spent in game for regular game “maintenance”, in some cases this is taking time away from other areas of the game


I don’t have atlas storage but I found I was easily getting 100k-200k wood by the weekend on raids. Finished all my upgrades without getting raided once when stockpiling which was unusual


Timers, this is what is truly being affected by this new cadence. I could not get a many levels as I need and would have otherwise gotten. I normally do not open gold chest during fort and I had to get so I can get timers. Now that breeding is next I not only don’t have enough tokens, just shy 30k I don’t have timers to hatch. Forget infrastructure. I haven’t been able to use timers to help infrastructure since last fort. I’m losing interest just as fast as the timers are disappearing


The 250% token bonus AND grinding 16 hours a day, never missing that 1 hour token mission is the only reason I’m afloat for breeding this soon. Being mildly over leveled and busting my hump for every single speed up I can get in Atlas is the only reason I can keep my Fort events going well enough to pick up the 450 sigel prize. This big house of cards will tumble into a 6 week rotation once the season ends. No human can keep up this style of grind and not spend big $$$ to keep up a 3 week pace. PG got what they wanted. A box with closing walls. Spend or get left behind in the dust hard and fast.Toss in new tower levels, less chests with PvP and the game is running away faster than even folks with 6 figure incomes can afford.


Unfortunately the effect on breeding won’t be quite as obvious this round because of the generous compensation for the egg token breakage. Really afraid they’ll look at raw values and assume Everything Is Great because a lot of us are getting about 70-80% more tokens right now. I’ve picked up 160k over two weeks, but no way is that sustainable once my 200% bonus goes away.


I just hate it. All you did the last updates is to make more and more changes only to get more money. I stopped buying, even Atlas Elite after this change. I will never be able get that much timers and eggs. And I’m getting more an more bored. Only breeding and fortifications in this short time repeating is annoying. Two really long-time team members left at the moment for the same reason. Months ago if you are an active player you had a chance to get the mythic dragon. No way now. I just stopped going for Pathox now. No way. The prices and drop rates seem to get worse as well: for example: in PvP events you now get nearly no energy. I’m really frustrated. Long time bugs as the thing with the production boosts didn’t get fixed (I tried it once more and was raided to 0 food and lumber again)-nothing is done for months at this!! And try to attack a base with three defenders is nearly impossible with a dragon with more than three times the attacking strength as the base level: what are you thinking about doing such a thing? There is no way of having an idea what you can attack with defenders active.

Thinking of leaving WarDragons as well if nothing changes.


Yep well you have killed this game with these changes … this current building event im over 1 million points down… due to total lack of speed ups …I opened 30 gold chests and got a few 1 hour and a few 3 hour timers… NO sign of the 2 day and 1 day timers … no sign of 12 hour speed ups … I am now 30% down on breeding tokens … and now way down on sigils. You say you are doing this because of Atlas … and you want people to progress faster. How the he’ll can we progress faster when we are down on sigils tokens rubies and shards from lack of event points. You are killing the new players and killing players NOT in Atlas. It’s having a detrimental effect on the gold tier players and below who are between level 50 and 200. I have lost 5 players from my team that have quit the game due to this change, other members that are refusing to buy packs because all they see is you pushing people to buy packs instead of them buying packs because they are having fun… they HAVE TO buy packs to achieve points they were getting before the change…
You are killing the lower tier game with this change. Meaning less and less players buying stuff. You really want to look at the lower tier game and player evolvement to see how much damage you are doing to yourselves… by all means change it for atlas and the whale coiners but listen to your lower tier players that you are killing their game experience and your own pockets. Lower tier players are desperate for a feeding event… and Need the cadence put back


Because no one has timers to use … I was sitting on 400k in my storage for 14 hours and no hit


Just curious. Did you use any chest predictor?
(mine or Morreion’s)

Also, 2d and 1d aren’t included in chest drop at the moment.


You got it!

@PGChocolate @PGRocket - really curious when you guys will say something


What would really be nice is if they went ahead and told us what events would finish out the season. It would give us a better look at their cadence in action. Not likely but worth a shot. I still think the new cadence is crappy but what do I know :man_shrugging:.


Isn’t it the same as before? Only with 3 events instead of 4, plus occasional feeding


What’s chest predictor? And also whats the point in having 1 and 2 day speed ups then if you have to buy them? Like I said I’m down over 1 mill points on the building event … and nearly everyone NOT in Atlas are in the same boat … massive drop in player points right throughout gold and below. I buy packages but when it now comes to the fact you have to buy loads more to get to the same position before the change, is what is turning players away. Even spending hours grinding is not achieving the same results. I’m down by over 30% on my breeding tokens … so once again I won’t have enough to get going on my Garnet Dragons …


Morreion’s (easier to use)

Mine (detailed drop, basically just raw list :sweat_smile:)


Reminds me… need to go back and resurface the UI changes thread… now that it’s been completely ignored by PG for a while and the community has had a chance to sit on it for some time…


I have to definitely agree that @Morreion’s predictor is easier to use. I just couldn’t figure out how to properly read yours OrcaFrost :sweat::see_no_evil:


I just post raw data, and translate it (don’t even bother to create an automatic tracker :sweat_smile: )


I prefer my data to be at least medium rare.


That’s basically doing some light cooking on the data, right?
The analogy continues to apply


so once again…
what do u change with our egg tokken bonus? we paid for it to have it at least 75%, but now we can use it only 66%.
why cant u just stuck it with the breeding bonus?
pg are u still reading this?
@PGRocket @PGChocolate @PGCrisis @PGJared