Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


No, they did everything they are going to do. Now they just have to wait 9 days for this thread to close. And when it does, they will probably have a beer bash to celebrate :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:


Whoah, why is it closing in nine days?!?!? Is this the nature of these official discussion threads?
Looks like we’ll be silenced after all. :t_rex:


I’ll look into the settings for the category. If it was intentional, it would have already been closed.


Oh it’s normal now. That was weird. :eyes:
I’m less concerned now. Lol. :t_rex:


I had pointed out the thread closing prematurely a long time ago :laughing: like 17 days ago :eyes:

Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


I changed it.


I know many of you have already probably covered what I’m going to say! I just wanted to add my pennies worth to this debacle!!
This is just another money making scheme by PG! They say they are doing this due to Altas but, I say it’s complete and utter bull! Nothing against Atlas players but, PG have made a rod for their own back, as Atlas players are probably not paying out so much in packs due to the amount of tokens, timers etc that they accumulate. So the players of the main game (home turf as I call it) have to suffer, as I would say the ratio of players on home turf compared to Atlas players is far greater, so we are the ones that have to bare the brunt of it!! PG are hoping we will spend our hard earnt cash on their ludicrously over priced packs!!
In the long run PG you should have got your finger out and rolled out Atlas across the board, instead of giving the players not headaches but, migraines and maybe saving yourselves all this aggro


Timers? Those don’t exist atlas or no atlas at this point lol


Any other E2P players finding they are experiencing the exact opposite affect the new cadence is creating from PGs intended “live in atlas” goal? With the increased grind for rss during minor events I am stealing way more gold than I could ever get in atlas! With no atlas elite atlas poachers would give me a total of maybe 15k gold at the end of a days worth of grinding. Now I’m stealing upwards of 1M gold a run at times looking for lumber or food. Atlas? Yeah once my multis are done I avoid it like the plague now! :joy::joy::joy:


You are right, I have noticed the same thing. After multis I now get my gold from player bases. Much faster than poachers and tax free. Most of the gold I donate anyway, so the main advantage is speed. Most player bases are half as long and provide a challenge, invader takes forever and leads to RSI when you grind.


Main reasons the new teams are not using Atlas:

  1. They can’t get a castle, 95% of teams are in alliances that will kick the shit out of everyone touching anything
  2. They can’t compete in red zone’s. Low level players getting squished by lvl 200+ either just for the lolz or for that 10% glory they need so desperately. The disincentive of lower glory per player level is NOT ENOUGH.

Their solution: sit on a neutral castle and try to rake in some free event rewards.

If you want to make Atlas more wanted you need to make structural changes, it’s not rocket science.


It is definitely not scaled correctly. Right now a L150 will give me close enough to max glory. Hell even a L80 will give me 75%+ glory. This isn’t a low enough value, the bands needs to be tightened up quite a bit


Yes, the problem is they took away the influence factor on glory, when all the plat teams got atlas. There was a official thread about, one of the version change ones.
If it were still there, a player from #2 team would never hit a player from #892 team as example


In no mans land it made no sense for team ranking to matter. The level scaling is broken. It is basically a race to see whether you can beat a low level before someone 100 lvls above you burns your base.


Pretty much this, just got burned by someone who’s 25 levels higher. He used 2 dragons (+1 from a teamm8) to get 100%. He killed 7.5k troops, I killed 5.1 and got 3.8k glory. Like… what?

He said he got close to 7.5k (around 6,5) and lost some because he used 2 dragons. So he gets double my glory for an attack with 100% win guaranty that he doesn’t ace. Blow me if that makes sense.


IF red zones had attack restrictions on them it would organize things better imo… not a lot of support when I previously mentioned it but I think it lends structure where it’s needed.

Anyone can go and park anywhere they want, but to attack you have to meet redzone level requirements… defensive glory gets a boost if you are in the redzone equivalent to or higher than your level or is scaled less if you park lower… whichever works best.

i.e. can be any levels , I picked these for ease of understanding what level can attack where…
lvl 2 redzone only players under 200 can attack
lvl 3 redzone only players under 300 can attack
lvl 4 redzones only players under 400 can attack
lvl 5 redzones only players under 500 can attack

Maybe even introduce a level 1 for 100 and under…

100 levels between each redzone might be too much and in the end not achieve the desired results… it’s bedlam now though…

The amount of redzone assigned to each level would reflect the % of players at those levels who have access to atlas.

Players would still have to pay attention to primarch levels, but as I said, i think it would add structure to the redzone without affecting how glory and attacking works on castles… anyway just a thought.


All they actually need to do is limit the glory payouts/ability to kill troops better for level differentiations, much like they already do with rss/xp in the main game.

I.e. if you attack someone weaker than you by xx levels you get 0 glory, hardly any medals, and they don’t lose troops (NML only).


Yes, but by organizing who is where it will reduce the amount of time spent looking for a decent target.

I’m all for saving time, atm it can often be fruitless trying to find a target worth attacking. I personally spend too much time looking and aligane is a crap shoot I avoid and the lag is horrible.


Except you then have to trawl the map to find the right nml to use as there is no quick navigation


Make aligane lvl 0 to keep the free for all going for those that dont’ like structure.