Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread


In fact make another one on the northern section of the make to spread things out…


And this is when I’d have to find my way to a level 4 redzone at 227 because people under 300 just don’t bother to hit my trapper.

Honestly, if you aren’t working with people to help you out with glory exchanging and complaining that big people hit you is just complaining without cause. Be active, network with people.

This is something I would call a management issue, not a technical issue.


I like the team play aspect of things, but honestly I’m tired of having to organize every aspect of the game for optimal results, from alliances to glory swapping. We micro manage everything to be successful and imo that is exhausting.


You’re making it very hard to stay positive and constructive.

Your loophole in the current flawed system to optimize Glory gain is a reason to not change the flawed system? /slow clap


If you don’t take advantage of things that’s on you. It’s not a loophole to swap glory. It’s not hard to get glory.
You’re attributing things to where you’re failing at this point. If your base is poorly designed, do you not try to learn from it and make it better or just complain about it? Same deal man… learn and make it better.


Game play should benefit more than one style of play. If there is only ever one way to do things that give you the best results that is too restrictive in my mind. Forcing players to do things one way or fail would not be my preferred path for game development or the answer to every question that comes up.


You assume one style of play. I see many doing extremely well with a multitude of styles. You assume people fail for doing things differently. Maybe your definition is different from mine. There is only going to be 1 optimal way, but many successful ways. And quite a few ways to fail. This is the essence of a game.


How about a NML matchmaking list that works a bit like the in-main-game matchmaking list?

Click on a button that puts you in a virtual NML with everyone else who wants to be there, and matches you with like level players?

Would save a lot of travel time and scouting various castles in NML to find a suitable target.


I’m having trouble following your issue.

You are concerned that you will have trouble getting glory for your trapper because people don’t hit your trapper, but you glory swap for optimization…

I am talking about assisting all players, not just those that want to be the most competitive and are happy learning every secret to success that atlas can offer. I’m looking for options to breath life into atlas and make it an enjoyable place for all players.

I swap glory, not all the time, sometimes I just want to play. I’ve had atlas long enough that I have a reasonable understanding of how things work. But everyone is not me. I don’t hate atlas. I don’t love atlas. But I do want it to succeed and that means doing things for the masses to make it better/easier for every level of player, new to atlas or the pioneers.

Is this the best solution, I don’t know, but it is one option to consider.

Right now there is tons of red zone not being utilized. Why not give it purpose. Like I said we can still have free for all areas.

Edit: That and as a side benefit we could get more lvl 5 red zone with different shard elements :smiley:


Except that the effect of the status quo is that a large percentage of players with Atlas access don’t play Atlas. The premise with which this discussion began was ‘We want more players to actively participate in Atlas’. Your defense of a possibility to efficiently farm Glory isn’t even relevant.

I can easily defend that making arrangements and going in and out of alliances to farm glory is a loophole. The game is called WarDragons, not FarmDragons. You want people to compete, you want people to attack up instead of down, you want people to invest in good defence (like you said) instead of making arrangements to achieve maximum efficiency. It’s a game, not a damned account keeping sheet.


Then join an alliance or make one and attack castles… I personally daily if not more am at an alliance attack or defense. I spend far more time in atlas than main game unless during PVP. My entire team spends that kind of time in atlas. Your issue (correct me if I’m wrong) seems to be that your team isn’t active in atlas. You can fix that. Lots if teams are extremely active in atlas.

Now farming glory with people is not a loophole, you can search for targets to farm glory, there are bubble parties for glory. It’s funny you see it that way to me, but again seems your issue is you and your team aren’t active enough.


I would suspect that increased opportunity for wars because fewer event lockouts happen actually makes “living in atlas” more difficult for most teams. Probably D2 is the biggest exception. And the top of D1.


I see a lot of I and our in that statement… where is the consideration for the community on a whole?


The same place I put it Everytime, you matter more to you than a community. If you are not enjoying it then the issue is something you can control. You are the one in charge of what you do.


I’m not arguing for myself here skullboy, I’m doing just fine, and so is my team.

You were talking about the practice of ‘glory exchanging’ which is not the same as attacking castles. It’s when two players of the same level agree to attack one another, use same level primarchs, and not defend to maximize glory gains and minimize troop loss. That’s a loophole.

We were talking about how Glory calculations are completely messed up. Allowing level 300’s to still gain benefit from attacking lvl 50’s. That mechanism or calculation or whatever you want to call it is not contributing to the attempts to get MORE players to play Atlas. How the F is your scheming to maximize glory relevant at all?


It’s not worth it to any 300 worth their salt. Even in nml. Yes it happens and you can avoid it. When the line is coming your way check details and see what’s coming your way. If you don’t want that then leave.

It matters btw because you get more glory and do more damage with higher prims. Means that 300 will pay even more for hitting say a 50


Is this not the Event Cadence thread🤔


It is


I agree, however it does concern the one part of the statement from PG about why the change to the cadence was implemented… increasing play in atlas.

But yes, this might have better traction in its own thread.


Please see the updates to the cadence here: Event Cadence Change Reversion (Update)