Event Cadence Changes (Update) Official Thread


Hey All!

Please discuss Event Cadence Change Reversion (Update) here!


Official Announcement:

Event Cadence Change Reversion (Update)

So… how about the 25% reduction ?
Also… thank you for reverting it


Does the 25% prize scaling apply to this event?


Yes, the 25% reduction will still apply to this week’s breeding event.


My question still stands on the “will THIS breeding have the 25% point reduction for prizes, but all future events will have it removed?” still stands…

Edit: and you answered this while I was typing :joy:


I would hope not given the reason for doing it still applies to this one


Thank you! This is fantastic news.


This was, for once, a good call from PG. Thanks.

… now set to work on fixing all the other things we’ve been complaining about…? :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


"I’m insane.

I keep doing the same thing hoping for a different outcome."

-Some Noob


Awesome thanks Arelyna :slight_smile:


Let me have my moment of happiness about this, would you? :t_rex:


If I don’t take it from you now, PG will do it next week so does it really matter? :rofl:


:roll_eyes: I accept any sort of positive change because I do in fact give a shit. I’ll stop replying to you about this now because that won’t change and your tone is rather negative. Won’t have that today. :wave: :t_rex:


Glad it’s back to normal.


Crap. I was actually enjoying the change. PVPs are not my thing.
Guess I was in the minority.
Glad everyone else will be happy, though.


You know of the horrors dwelling within the ruby mine. It’s only a matter of time until PG finds the key. You know it to be true. Deep in your heart. Soon.


I agree, I hate PvPs with a passion, but this pattern gives us more time to accumulate timers and gold chests between breeding and forts. That was my main concern with the previous cadence change. :t_rex:



This is great news… but back to the special packs some players get and others don’t :thinking:


I have written so many tickets on that