Event Cadence Changes (Update) Official Thread


The 25% prizing threshold reduction still hold in this event.

Will the 25% prizing threshold reduction still hold in winter season?



I’m pretty sure it was an accident this event round, because they had to switch events last minute.

Not that I would mind if they kept the lower price prizes, but not expecting it…


Not an accident, was on purpose (crisis said it). And no, it will not be maintained, by the same source



Well technically they only say we have rocket and chocolate to thank for that… It doesn’t say whether that’s because they planned this, or because they forgot to change it back in time :joy:

But thanks for the link, hadn’t seen that post yet.


Changes make sense from the perspective of having start times that work equally well for people in all time zones.

On the other hand, starting in the middle of the day (Pacific Time) means that the PG team is awake, at work, and able to troubleshoot.

…there’s probably also some sort of financial analysis to it - how many people they have from each region, how much is spent by those people, how much they’re willing to spend to catch up, etc. If PG is getting a lot of money from people in X country, for example, because they’re spending to keep up…well, the last thing they want to do is swap start times around to make it so those people don’t have to spend.


At least with fortification you stand a chance on the last two days when everyone runs out of timers.

Still finding decent wood here and it’s “Friday”. Granted it is more work but still quite achievable.


Fort is super easy to score in as long as you have timers. Wood isn’t a limiting factor at all anytime during the event. Except maybe hours 3-5 :rofl:


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