Event Cadence Changes (Update) Official Thread


Hard to enjoy anything when you’re worried about what’s next to come and mow you over :roll_eyes:


Thank you for still being you.


Thank you!


Question. Does that mean the event routine will be as follows:

Breeding - PVP - Fort - PVP

Because if that is the case we would be seeing Fort within the crappy cadence and potentially should expect to see the 25% “discount”? Or could we be seeing a (:face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:) Feeding event in the mix


Thank god.


The next fort would still have the short cycle as well I think before it fully resets

Fort, Breed, pvp, fort, pvp, breed…


Yesss thank you PG


FTR I’m not saying cmon spill the beans on the plans cus I know that isn’t going to happen. I’m saying please be very aware of how pissed people will be if this fort isn’t either discounted or delayed. (Note delaying for feeding is equally eww cus feeding is eww)


So why not just admit we are merely paying beta testers?

Stop changing shit.

Make up your collective minds as to what you want to do, do it, and stick to it, at least for an entire season. If you’re going to make changes, do them at the start of the season and “test” them for an entire season. If it works, leave it. If it doesn’t, revert/change it again for the next season, and move on.

Stop making us paying guinea pigs.

And, to add another point, if this is the last breeding event of this season, gee, thanks for the 250%. Too bad we won’t be able to use the tokens earned in the last several weeks of the season, this season :man_facepalming:

Edit - and next fort needs the 25% prize reduction, cause, well, you know, breed - pvp - fort - breed - pvp - fort - pvp


Next fort imo should have the reduction as well since it’s pretty much coming in 3 weeks like the cadence change had it.


Peace guys. I hope pg takes a note on elemental ember problem also. thanks


Next fort should keep the same 25% reduction since there will be only one minor before it comes back around.


@PGCrisis @PGChocolate

Thank you for pointing jokerCPP.


I wonder if the event cadence change was negatively affecting PG’s income? Either way, I’m relieved


To be fair… they technically did that. Next 4 weeks of season are going to be breed - pvp - fort - maybe pvp maybe feeding. Something like that. I was honestly expecting a feeding event for Thanksgiving because why not?

Aside from maybe the last event, this is still the exact same cadence schedule from the start of this season.


No, it’s the discussion thread—the announcement one was properly locked. :t_rex:


Credit where credit is due. Thanks PG


I got used to the change why changing again :rofl::rofl:


To be fair, Fort will still come after 3 weeks (Breeding, Major, Fort). So the 25% reduction should remain… Unless they decide to throw a Feeding before next building event.


I bet this is what they will do. We will see though.