Event Cadence Changes (Update) Official Thread


Would anyone be deeply opposed to feeding after PvP because it’s Thanksgiving? Like it’d be perfect. It’d even push fort back a week so it’s sort of in line again. And then it’ll be PvP and breeding in the first two weeks next season! It’s glorious! Or heck just throw Red’s xp event thing in there instead of feeding.


Feeding is :face_vomiting:. Also more of a grind than pvp



Energyevents/PvP events are far outbalanced !

Do you checked how many teams are able to fill the teamprizes there, and how many in feeding or fortification ?

The reason we people hate the current energy events is, that the prizes are too high set… its too much work, too much stress, to get compareable prizes as in feeding, breeding or fortification.

You people have to decrease the points which are necessary!
Look … before Megacoin , before bonusmeter, it was very less compared to today… it was under 100k for all prizes… and so legendary gylph was much lower set…
After bonusmeter which was orginally a help for people, the points went up… After it was taken out and Megacoin came it, it went up and up…

Just because spenders used to overdo it…that events was ruined !
The only energy events which based on skill, or was fun… was taken out… probably less profit…

Cmon is this the way ??? Do you know what my point is, why that pvp /energy stuff came to this situation of pain ?


Betting the rest of the season will be Breed, Temple Raid, Feed, Fort… It’s time for a Feed, and this lets them pull back the 25% discount.

Would have been nice to have Feed before Temple Raid, but oh well.


Thank you for the quick clarification


This is great news to hear (though Im sad about the removal of the -25% point requirements). I never thought I’d find myself happy about the idea of more PvPs but the Cadence apparently was a way to make that happen.

Now, if you guys could just throw KW in garbage where it belongs this schedule would be even better.


Can they revert the Atlas Elite while they are going back to their old ways?


@Haliaetus amen


They could’ve just increased the hat cap to 34k (that would make it equivalent to the timeframe for regen we have now if my math is correct) to quell the “requires logging in too much” complaints and kept the regen rate the same to satisfy the most active players. But alas, another topic about the nerf would most likely be silenced.
But this is off-topic.

On-topic: I will miss the 25% reduction in prizes. It was much easier to hit the final achievement in Fortification. :t_rex:


Well the 25% points reduction was way more beneficial for me then the extra time we get now to acquire tokens and timers.


I guess it didn’t increase the revenue as much as intended? Or worse yet, maybe it dropped?


Is reversing a bad decision really a good call? Or is it baseline common sense?


Better than outright ignoring our feedback and keeping it as it is like they have done before (ex. with proposed event changes). That’s why I say it’s a good call relative to their past behavior. :t_rex:


Agreed. I’m just an angry internet troll. Going back to my cave now to yell at some other companies for the stupid shit they’re doing.


If Fortification is week after next the discount should still apply to it as well since there will have been only 3 weeks since the previous fortification event


I’m happy! I enjoy the PvP events and we will have more time again to save up egg tokens for breeding and clocks for fortification :+1::grinning:


Any explanation why breeding is late ?


Time changed in California last Sunday so normal start time should be in another 30m.


^ This is exactly correct.


Hahaha, I totally didn’t post “event is late!! :rage:” in chats and make a fool of myself when I remembered Daylight Savings Time… I’m in Arizona and we don’t do that here :grimacing: :t_rex: