Event Cadence Changes (Update) Official Thread


What? The whole state doesn’t do it??? :frowning:


I think there are a few regions in the state that do. But they’re small. So yes, no DST here. :t_rex:


Hate DST, it screwed up my baby’s sleep cycle :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


How can you give credit and thanks. When all they did is revert the moronic change they did. The one that the entire logical thinking part of the forum community didn’t want in the first place.


I think it deserves a thanks cause when PG screws up this badly they normally don’t change it back to the way it was. They just ignore the complaints until there’s a new problem that pops up that draws the attention away from the first issue. At least they fixed it and admitted there was an issue with this new cadence.


Except there really wasn’t a problem with it, the new cadence that is.

But oh well, back to where we were.


Because they actually bothered to listed to people. Even if the actual reason for reverting back is because people werent spending as much, the fact that they actually listened is a good thing

A mistake was made, people complained, they actually listened to feedback so credit is due

There was a pretty big problem with it in the form of speedups. They reduced the points needed but they didnt change the actual construction and incubation times. You couldnt even have a tower finish before the next Fort event came along and you had to spend more clocks on it.

Too many fort events increase the risk of over leveling for many players. Fort used to be my favorite event but this 3 week schedule was making me hate it


Thanks god the events get changed back🍻


I am pleasantly surprised by this. As much as PvP events can drive me insane at times, they’re also more “War Dragons” than the “collect resources” and “spend tokens” of the other events. Much more interesting and involved.

So…kudos, PG. Whatever your reasons for changing things back, you did what the vast majority of players were asking for. Now we just have to hope that you’ll apply the same consideration to the many other concerns that have been brought up.


Im happy to see PG cash grab was a failure! Good job player base!


next fort also gets a 25% reduction?


I doubt they would answer that question because it would confirm what event we will be getting in two weeks from now.

My guess is that we will get a Feeding between now and then, or else they will let us know whether or not Fort is discounted after it’s officially released as the event for that week.


Probably a better idea to revert back to something that wasn’t entirely broken than to go further into a downward spiral and make FURTHER changes right :slight_smile:


I doubt that. I really do…


why? if there are only two weeke between them?


Well, they may follow each other like the new/old cadence, or the original one, if a feeding event happens. We may not know until it happens. And as it’s in the “distant” future, PG can now neither deny nor confirm, without raising additional questions.

So here’s the thing: Expect it to be without the reduction. In case I’m wrong: such a sweet disappointment it will be!


I personally liked the new changes it gave me more time to focus on atlas,save rubies and chests for each pvp and I actually did better on events but I am f2p so pvps have always been expensive and time consuming for me but oh well will be cutting back on my pvp scores to focus on atlas since I have finally started to gain traction.


You’re smarter than us Californians. Changing time twice a year is stupid :expressionless: On Monday I woke up in a panic because I thought I’d overslept. No, it was just freaking time change.

On topic: Reverting to the original event cadence is such a relief I’m not even going to try finding the words to describe it…


You realize how much this flip flopping in a season makes it hard to get the sigils we need? Starting to be a massive headache playing this game.


While I do appreciate the change back I think the 25% reduction should still apply to the next fort because we just had one and you’ll have another at the same cadence in three weeks before the time between forts corrects. Unless you plan on feed in three weeks. Thanks for listening though.