Event Cadence Changes (Update) Official Thread


Because they listened and changed it back.

PG tried something, saw how it affected the community and reverted it. Why be mad about that? They actually listened…

Game developers don’t get it right 100% of the time, that’s why they are called developers not finishers.


I now this is an unpopular opinion but i would really appreciate a feeding event next event :innocent:


California voted to end time changes Tuesday. Technically to allow the legislature to end time changes if Congress allows them.


I had been trying to give the changes a fair shake but yes I’m glad we are reverting to how it was. Not that there isn’t room for improvement but that change was terrible.

Nothing good happened from speeding up the cadence. It actually made it worse on a number of places, and it’s expectially bad for anyone who was out of things to breed. (And no that’s not a request to release dragons faster)

I would hope changes like this in the future consulted and seriously listened to advice from the GPF.


I have a question about PG’s statement : They changed cadence cause they wanted players to progress more into leveling and breed .

Pg now that u brought it back does that mean no progression changes will come to leveling ? #300wall for example or the #elementalshards


Change the xp per level between 300 and 350 to 200k. 350 till 400 to 300k. That will bring progression to the game.


I’m assuming from the announcement that Fort will be 3 weeks after the previous fort, except the 25% prizing threshold balance is being removed, so basically less points, singles and other prizes for everyone, unless I have misunderstood?

I’m very surprised that people appear generally happy with getting less sigels and rubies tokens prizes with the revert back to previous cadence (For Free players). I’m also surprised spenders are happy to go back to spending more to achieve their goals. The 3 week cadence was a significant benefit to progression growth.


why not keep the discount in fort and breeding?:thinking:

just thinking out loud


I love how you are now all thanking them for changing back to a system where you got less prizes.

Did any of you ever sit back and work out you were getting more stuff for less effort.

Well one group did (finance dept) hence you are now back to a system where you pay for the priviledge of being able to attack…and you get less rewards. yes you are spending money, simply so you are allowed to do more than 1 attack in 15 mins… so you can get less prizes … and no lasting benefit (the money spent on inners/energy does screwal for your dragons or base)


I was doing great, best I have done since starting wd with the changes now back to constant pvps where unless your team is dropping megas you will not finish top 5 ,less rewards and more of the same old same old pvp grinding that is so monotonous I just can’t wrap my mind around it.


At least the game will be slightly less boring now. Nonstop wars and constant rss events were making me lose interest in the game fast.


Exactly this, and one timer burning event after next.


So you are relieved to be spending more or getting slower growth? Or relieved that because everyomne else is spending more your PG shares just got a bump?


My growth except for the last two fort events had been fairly slow and steady the entire time I’ve played. Two fort events ago I put up 3M points and jumped from the high 190s to 214. Last fort event I jumped from 214 to 226.

I play at my own pace and I know I can’t compete with the big spenders in terms of player growth. I don’t even try competing with them. I just do what I can and try to have fun.

My relief comes more from the fact that the lack of downtime from wars and altas PVP can be very stressful.


To be honest, I had mixed feelings about the cadence change: the constant resource hungry events can be super exhausting, and monotonous, but that applies to some of the PvP events as well.

Breeding: Boring as hell, most of us only plays with the baby dragon after the first few hours
Fortification: Grinding for wood constantly - at least we’re not idle for the whole week
Kingdom wars, fight pits: since the mega coin they are just meh…

After the 25% reduction it was so great for me, for the first time I could reach the 500 sigil prize by Saturday dawn, so I had some free time during the weekend, and I could help my teammates more. Okay, I am the Time Lord in my team with 900-1200 days worth of timers (and I am just E2P).
And we have just arrived to the big problem with this cadence: the shortage of timers. Even Atlas can’t give us as much we need for this accelerated pace… but

PvPs are so terrible without the IF, and just grinding, and grinding to get the most points… Now we will have them every second week again, which is … eeer… not something I fancy.

To find the right rhythm of events, with sufficient - but not too generous - supplies provided is a diamond shelled nut to crack. I guess this is the point where Red’s idea about the XP event could have been a fantastic improvement.


You mean Red’s suggestion to bring back the event that they’ve already run before? It’s not the first time the event has been requested back.


Pardon my intrusion but i prefer things the way they are!!!


I mean for god sakes peole some of us have a life ouside of this game . I understand some of you like the old system that did not yeild crap for points during breeding event ! This new system allows for time to be spent with our familys and still make a killing on points!!!


yes, exactly. The one that could be resurrected to replace the feeding event


If you’re referring to the 3-week cadence, then I totally agree with you (as I have come to the same conclusion)