Event Cadence Changes (Update) Official Thread


Just as we got used to the new cadence… and the extra time we could spend on the real game (i.e. Atlas)


This one goes out to PG. Are you flipping kidding me you will fight tooth and nail to say our problems ar either lour fault or a simple reset …But now you finally implament a system that is worth playing you want to change it because of some children that have 0 patience. I mean really it has only been three darn weeks and i have never before been able to finish an event . Now I have done two in thee weeks . You do the math !!!


They did the math. $$$



I still don’t get why people never understood that they were getting the exact same prizes for the exact same amount of tokens and timers (because of the 25% reduction). I don’t know why people kept saying they now don’t have enough time to get what they need, etc… It just doesn’t make logical sense. lol

So now we are all back to having to work a ton harder for our rewards. I really don’t think people thought this through or completely understood the math. :woman_facepalming:


I was torn on the new event cadence. It was going ok for me so far but I already had a good stock of timers.

I agree with one issue that I have seen brought up a few times. The new cadence gave less time for dragons or long building upgrades to cook so we end up using more timers to finish things before the next breeding/fort rolled around.

On the other hand, less PvP meant less chests needed to be opened for PvP. This would have allowed us to open more chests during Fort.


The Navajo nation takes up the entire northeast quadrant of the state and they do observe DST. The Hopi Nation, which is isolated in the middle of the Navajo Nation, is on regular AZ time. Going into Flagstaff for some shopping and then back home? That’s four time changes for a trip to the market.


I don’t get this. I always have to finish something when fort starts. Whether it’s 15 days or 5 days has not been affected by the new cadence or the old- it’s just dependent on when I happened to start my last build. And even if I had a long time to finish, it wouldn’t matter because that’s a timer that would end up having to be spent in order to progress. I mean, when fort starts you have to spend timers to speed up the very next build you start. How is that different from speeding up the last build you had going? So it’s a little closer? That’s all factored in to the 25%. I just don’t get that argument.


You have to speed that building up a week sooner than you would have had to with the old cadence. You also have to speed that dragon up to get it breedable a week sooner.

The 25% discount was to make up for having 1 less week to collect tokens and speed ups before needing them for Breeding/Fort, it doesn’t take into account the extra speed ups used between events to be prepared for the next one.

…but again, having the opportunity to open more Gold chests during Fort might have balanced that out a bit. The new cadence didn’t run long enough for me to say for sure which way I prefer.


Well, I used to be able to start a Storage Hut at the end of one fort and have it complete before the beginning of the next fort (it was about 28 days). With the move from 4 weeks to 3, I have to burn a week’s worth of speedups to start a new build. I generally won’t start a build if it will last into next fort - I don’t like wasting speedups at the start of fort. Exceptions are necessary resource buildings like Storage Hut, Breeding Castle, which are now 28 days plus for me. So, yes, the move costs about a week of speedups that could have been used during fort.


I also liked the three week cycle, now with it changing back it will affect whether I can finish the season of dragon.


Well, it’s kinda cool that your storage upgrade happened to work out to exactly 4 weeks. But that doesn’t change the amount that your storage takes to upgrade. You’d still have to pay for that 4th week of timers it’s just that you had to do it a week earlier than you had planned. But that means because you went ahead and paid it early you now have that week of timers available for the next fort that you wouldn’t have had. OR it could be that week is available for later in that same fort because maybe you would have leveled your storage again in the same fort.
I’m sorry but I just don’t see any way that this doesn’t come out in the wash. :woman_shrugging:


His Storage wouldn’t have needed any timers with the old cadence. With the new cadence he had to use a weeks worth of timers. How does this give him an extra week of timers? :thinking:


With the new cadence, he’d be spending 7 days each event for 4 storage upgrades, 28 days total.

With the old cadence he’d only build three storage upgrades in the same 12 weeks, so the 4th one would have to be 100% sped up for 28 days of timers.

Cost works out the same.


The 4 weeks was nice because I would start it at the end of one fort and it meant it finished by next fort. On a 3 week cycle it wouldn’t and speedups would have to be used just to start the event. I never paid anything early, and I never level storage during fort. Only at the end of each fort. So, yes, it cost me a week of speedups that I would have otherwise been able to use during fort itself.

Obfirmo, you are faster than me … beat me twice.


I think he would wait until the next Fort instead of wasting 28d of timers on a Storage upgrade. The new cadence doesn’t give that option.


Yes, you got it Obfirmo.


Who builds only three storage upgrades per season? He’d always have to build a bunch at full price unless it’s one of those players who hit level 70 after only two years, in which case event results will be rubbish no matter the cadence.


I’ve always built 1 at the end of each fort. At level 240, with storage at … well I can’t tell you, it is under construction. Current storage is 1.08 mil. Might have built a few extra as needed early on, but it has just been 1 at the end of fort for probably over a year now.


Timers have never been what holds me back in Fort. I level up based on where I’m at with my Breeding. Having the option to let things build naturally over a month rather than have to use a weeks worth of timers between Forts is beneficial to those who aren’t trying to blow everything they have every Fort.

Also, what about the timers needed to hatch dragons a week earlier to get them breedable?



I guess very basic math is just to hard for some people. Not going to bother with this.