Event Cadence Changes (Update) Official Thread


Great news, thanks for changing back!


I’ll revise this to be as plain as possible, no math required:

Before the change to the shorter cadence, I could upgrade a Storage Hut between forts without using speedups.

After the move to the shorter cadence, I could not upgrade without using a weeks worth of speedups.


I understand the math, what you aren’t understanding is there is nothing forcing a player to lvl the storage that 4th time and burn 28d of speedups.

So you ignored this question and went straight for the personal insults. You win.


You are arguing personal preferred building style… the math works out the same.

Having said that, infrastructure upgrades are exorbitant and the root of many challenges.

If we are arguing preferred choice, I think they pulled the plug on the new cadence too early. I’d have preferred to finish the season at the least for a boarder understanding of the mechanics and to give players longer to see how it really affects them.


It’s whatever lol I already told my team I would do the team minimum but I refuse to keep doing 80 to 200k points each pvp when they are every other week again I literally have better things to do like watching paint dry then grinding non stop for 4 days consecutively but if that’s what everyone likes more power to y’all.


Only players that got progress are the once below level 300, all players after run out of timers.
Atlas events, food timer events, wood timer events and so on…


Without pvp every 2 weeks you make lot people quiet due getting bored. Pvp dont need timers, thats what people after level 300 looking for, nothing else.
Whats the point of grinding 200k token in 3 weeks or 300k token in 4 weeks?
If you are lazy player then its up to you, the 3 week cadence was bullshit simple and over.


Ok, here is why I liked the old cadence that they just changed back to. I have always been able too keep my timers at around a certain point. What I spend in a fort event is generally made up, or mostly made up depending on how many chest’s I opened, before the next one. I noticed this time around I was well below my expected amount of timers. New cadence isn’t the only cause, but a big one


Old cadence gave us a breath and timers. Breed a dragon without hatch it, upgrade storage in the end to let it run till next fort event etc.a lot of timers saved. And again, when you are a level 230 for example, you will think: oh yay bring more forts, i got plenty timers…but you wont have much till it comes to 4 times xp needed after 300.


160 days of timers arround for one level after 300, sounds like a good change by pg do Fort every 3 weeks…without abilty to even get those timers needed. U need to look through both sides of your eys.


Ok that makes sense as a level 300 plus player I would enjoy pvps if I could hit higher bases and get more points per run instead of having to do more runs to compensate for having to hit lower so basically worked out well for sub level 300 players and and was horrible for level 300 plus players ?


Thank you!


Im gonna go with the contra-math option here (i understand progression is faster on 3 week cadence cos youre saving a pvp event worth of gold chests every 6 weeks) and say im kinda glad it went back to 4 week cadence. It is true that progression is slower on the 4 week schedule. But i enjoy the pvp and strategic aspect of the game that is atlas independent. 2 weeks of rss events back to back was just too boring for when nothing critical was going on in atlas. I think the correct solution is to fix pvp design (e.g. energy use) and rewards etc for progression than changing event cadence.


Get rid of the mega attacks also👻 this way people will see pvp again as an good event and not as wallet wars.
Its simple, make the playerbase happy, then some would drop money from time to time


If they would’ve listened, the moment they announced the change the community told them it would be a bad idea. Or maybe if they ran it by their Gamplay Faction, who is supposed to be the bridge between the knowledgeable player base and the geniuses of PG who have no clue how the game works.


Yep I noticed I was getting way more sigils than before. My breeding and fort events were killer with the 25% reduction and I usually get to the bonus prizes. In pvp however I’ve never even hit the 450 in my life even when grinding. It’s pretty much impossible without spending. You need lots of energy and inner fires it’s that simple you can’t grind to the top in pvp.


I got the 450 sigil prize during gauntlet without spending. But I had a big surplus of energy chests and inner fires from the beginning of the season when I opened a ton of saved gold chests so I could finish Cav’s line in the first two weeks.


Only if they give us unlimited turkey to feed our dragons. Dragons get to have a belt busting feast.


You dont have to give anything away but IF next event happens to be breeding will we still get the 25% prize discount since it will still be a week sooner like in the shortened cadence?


Next event should be fort. But I would agree that it should have the 25% discount and I’d like to know the answer to that.