Event Cadence Changes (Update) Official Thread


Fort unless they throw in a feeding to offset the weeks difference and to celebrate thanksgiving.


Bet money next will be feed due to Thanksgiving and to get back on schedule as it was. Otherwise I, and others are screwed on timers.


I wish it would be feeding. I’m short on timers. :disappointed:


Just wondering about feeding event… we are still going to have one… right?


I think it’s a real shame that they are changing event cadence back to original format
PvP events do nothing for player progression, just a boring grind.


Pvps are atleast something different. Minor events back to back and so close together are more of a boring grind than pvps.


If a PvP is a boring grind, it means they did it wrong. I don’t like this one so much because the 5 race tracks mean it really isn’t pvp so much. On average “competing” with only 5 teams. Only once since this event has started have we been involved in a race to the finish line.


The pull back mechanism is also pretty crap. I think you only pull the other team back the base amount of points so about 100+ points per attack. Which amounts to pretty much nothing. No point defending or fighting. All about how much your team is willing to spend vs the other.


:flushed: eh, it’s not half (or so) base points?


I don’t actually know for sure but empirically I’m seeing about 100+ points movements


i don’t like too having too many pvp events, as stated above it’s a boring endless grind. The major problem for me is you have to open gold chest or spend rubies for those damn Inners or energies. I prefer pvp on atlas. And i prefer to focus on eggs and timers. But i respect the majority of players. Even if was perfectible, i liked the “new” but now “old” cadence.


So with feeding announced for this week, which is classified as a “minor” event as far as I understand it, are we getting PvP the following week and fort the week after that? Or is fort next week after feed? Normally feed would replace a PvP, so it’s hard to predict what to expect. Fort as the last event of the season would put it at 4 weeks after the last fort, so that would make sense as far as getting back on track. @PGChocolate


Most likely fort after feeding to maintain the 4 week cadence and then PvP as last event of season
Edit- I’m dumb, facts were bad


Isn’t the fort going to be the last week of the season? I think the season ends on December 4 or so.


Right, to keep cadence it must be feeding, then fort then pvp, then breeding (giving that breeding and pvp just passed by). That would keep everything at 4 week rotate from now.


Speaking of Event Changes, why is there no posting on the PG official event calendar, nor any email advising of what this week’s event is?
Please share and post on calendar.


Where is this?



That is not an official PG events calendar lol.
That is an events calendar, and is run by someone who gets their information from creators faction members.

It’s not run by PG themselves. Neither is that whole site, hence the lack of decent information.

If you visit the site below, it has an up to date events calendar that I personally update. And yes it’s confirmed feeding is this week. Alleviates just hasn’t gotten around to updating her version of the calendar



Thank you for educating me.