Event Cadence Changes (Update) Official Thread


That did not last long…what is the new cadence lol.


Oh you crazy ! Jared went mad after LX for « bumping » a few hours old thread… I guess for 5 days you’ll be banned :joy::joy:
The new cadence is whatever will screw us more


I don’t think it’s reasonable to refer to it as a “cadence” anymore.


idk if this applies here but having fight pits this week sucks. Wish it was fortification like the whole player base has been planning for…


So @PGChocolate are we meant to understand that Feeding will replace a minor event going forward, rather than a major?

When you said PG had decided to “change the event cadence back” we reasonably assumed that you meant “back to the way it was before the recent change.” Of course, then Feeding followed PvP, but we figured that was just a stopgap measure to make sure there were 4 weeks between Fortification events. But now, we will have to wait 5 weeks between Fortification events, and a minor event that everyone has been counting on to finish out whichever line they are on has been pushed to next season (presumably, I guess it’s possible there will be no more Fortification events, or next season won’t start right after this season, at this point I don’t feel confident assuming anything).


Like many other tactics and strategies, I believe this is not the way PG intended for you to play the game. You are meant to expend what you’ve been saving all season now and buy more at the beginning of next season, because



Yes, and think of all that delicious money people will have to spend to get PvP resources in order to finish out those lines!


The cadence is fine. The problem is PG is tone deaf.


Ha, well I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people that were planning to spend on improving their base will think twice about spending on a literal “pit.”


or they could get sigil chest…if there is anything like that at all


The problem is that we don’t know what the “cadence” is anymore. In the three weeks since this “reversion” occurred, no one has had any certainty regarding what TYPE of event will be next, and each event announcement has been a total surprise.


I’ll try to finish the line this season. Then I’ll stop spending until I reach Vanguard tier ( oh many many moons later…)


The resources needed for a fortification event are different from those for a PvP event (and I know you know this). The point was, if people were counting on the last event being fortification, they may not have saved PvP resources from the last PvP event. Or they may not have had a lot of PvP resources to begin with and they’re relying on their minor event performance to carry them through their lines.

People going into Temple Raid two weeks ago could look at the calendar and conclude that there would be, at least, that PvP event (Temple Raid) and then Fortification before the end of the season. Getting points in Fortification is easy, so they may have planned their end-of-season push around the sigils they’d be able to get during that Fort event - because they’ve got timers and embers (and if they’re lucky, Black Pearls), but…they don’t have PvP resources any more.

So not having Fort means they may not complete the lines they were working on. And yes, they can spend on sigil chests, but if the goal is to get the line without spending, and if they don’t have any extra rubies, they’re kind of SoL.

But yes, Sigil Chests are a thing.


Me in example


Reaching Vanguard is the easy part, making them expert is what’s tricky.


I saved, but I’m paranoid about running out of rss :eyes:


Imagine a world where event announcements were more than 3 days in advanced.

Why is more advanced warning not given to players? Announcing the first four season events alongside dragon previews would help the player base so much.


Well, the event starting time needs to be fixed. Lot people cant be on for start. Thats an problem in rss hungry events. Or switch starting time each event, to benefit all players arround the world🤨


They’ve actually gotten a million times better about the start time.


Start times haven’t been too bad recently. A couple of events have started before midnight for me (UK). I generally miss event starts though simply due to timezones and having to be in bed for work.

On the flipside while resources are more scarce for me because of it, bases are also undefended quite often when I play during certain daytime hours so being a Brit has its bonuses.