Event Cadence Changes

Event Cadence Changes

Dragon Lords,

We want to spend some time explaining the changes in event cadence, starting with the Breeding event this week. Moving forward, we plan to run Breeding, other (PvP or Feeding), and Fortification in a 3 week cycle.

There are a couple reasons why we are making this change. The first reason is that as Atlas becomes a bigger part of the game experience for more and more players, we want you to have sufficient time to participate in every aspect of the game, especially the PvP in Atlas. Thus, we are testing the reduction of PvP events in the main game. The second reason is that we want give players the flexibility of progressing faster through the game if they want to, especially for lower level players. Ultimately, players can choose to either participate in the breeding and fortification events every 3 weeks or at a slower cadence of every 6 weeks.

We understand that some of you are frustrated with the lack of communication on this change, and we are sorry for this. We will take all your feedback into serious consideration to continue improving events and the event cadence in these upcoming months. This is an area that we care a lot about, and we want all players to enjoy playing our events.

In addition, we have every intention to get the Duskfall Egg Token Bonus working before Breeding begins this Wednesday. The current plan is to release a server-delivered update (one that you do not need to download from the App Store or Google Play Store) that will activate the bonus for everyone who has obtained it in the Season Branch on Tuesday. At this time, anyone who has the Egg Token Bonus should begin to see this activate in-game.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate new Event waters, and we apologize again for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused.

From Your Events & Seasons Team - @PGChocolate & @PGRocket


Please forward your discussions here: Event Cadence Changes Official Discussion Thread

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Hey everyone,

Thank you all for voicing your concerns about the recent changes to event cadence. We realize that this is a major change to how people play and strategize in-game, and we should have communicated this to you well in advance. We apologize for the lack of communication, not only to the GPF, but to all players at large. We take this as a sincere opportunity to learn and will be proactive in our announcements in the future, especially those that affect all players.

We’ve read everyone’s feedback about these changes, especially in regards to the fact that a week less between Breeding / Fort events results in a smaller amount of time to claim prizes at the same rate as before. Our intentions for these changes are not to make events exceedingly difficult. In response to these concerns, we plan on reducing the points thresholds (both personal and team progression prizes) by 25% for Breeding and Fortification events moving forward. This will be effective for all Breeding and Fortification events in the future with this event cadence, including this week’s Breeding event. We will continue to monitor all forms of discussion around the news, both now and during the run of the event.

This new cadence is something that we’ll be testing and monitoring closely in upcoming weeks. If we plan to make any additional changes or adjust numbers, we will consult with the GPF about these changes and communicate these farther in advance. We will be sure to post announcements earlier in the day to allow for active discourse between players and developers. We apologize again for the disruption this has caused and thank you for your patience.


Just wanted to provide everyone an update on the breeding token bonus issue.

We are going to release the fix now. Your breeding token bonus may stop working for the next 30 minutes. After our server-issued fix is live, you will be seeing a 125% bonus. Within the next couple of hours, expect this bonus to go back to normal according to the bonus that you have claimed.

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Update on 10/18 from PGRocket:

Additionally, please see below for an updated Event Cadence map to coincide with our clarification on how Feeding events mesh into the change:

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