Event Calendar (upcoming and historic)


Many users know about these:

It’s quite easy to predict the next event but it would be great for an Official calendar, possibly released on this lovely, shiny new forum? It wouldn’t need to be for the full season, maybe just the following month.


Event calender for the upcoming events

i believe I once read that they don’t want to be tied to a calendar and want to be able to change plans even days before the event starts. That’s why they only confirm the event 1 or two days before it starts.


Great idea @UnseatedDonkey, would love to see a dedicated calendar


I think that is a great idea to post calendar events in forums


I’ve seen a couple of different calendars predicting upcoming events, most of which are pretty accurate. With the announcement of the new PVP event coming in probably a month or two that will likely at least make the PVP rotation outdated. Plus it’s hard to tell when PG will throw a feeding event in there (although it does feel like we are due for one).

There is something to be said for not being tied to a calendar though. Up until a couple of months ago you could fairly accurately predict what the next PVP event would be, and when KOTH was supposed to come up, it was something else. Either way, I imagine having the flexibility to try something out is nice. And honestly, although we all wait for confirmation of an event, are we ever REALLY surprised or does it affect anything on a day to day basis? The only event that I would argue that IS the case for is feeding. Refraining from leveling a bunch of dragons in order to maximize your gains for the feeding event is tough…


The last 3 feeding events have been every 9 weeks.


I thought that as well, but this is the 9th week, not that I’m complaining about doing it after breeding at all if it happens.


I’ve noticed they do feeding event every 60 days so therefore I believe they’ll do it after the breeding event ends.:hugs:


Thank you. In the Creators Faction, we get the news Mondays usually. As a CF member since July of 2016, I’ve tried to maintain that calendar. I recently added a spreadsheet to the mix as you noted for folks who like a bird’s eye view of all.


My thoughts as well. 8 weeks between several instances.


Thanks CF for all the great info u guys put out :+1:


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