Event/ castle bubble up yet still got attacked

So I was attacking in atlas at an enemy castle. Durning the attack the event shields went up at ~2:04 pm so my attack did not count. Then a few seconds later my primarch was killed, while still on the castle that was just bubbled. So how did the enemy’s attack go through but mine didnt? Is this normal when the normal shields go up on a castle cause I thought once shields go up all attacks stop

If you didnt move your prim, then it might have been a bug or a simple lag.

If I were to move my primarch towards a neutral castle, would that have changed?

Yes, that actually allows you to get attacked as you are no longer in the bubbled castle. -dont ask me why or what the reasoning behind it. It has always been like that.

Anyways, so in order to prevent losing ur troop after you bubble a castle, leave ur prim there for about 5 mins then move to another location.

Oh wow okay, I think that’s where I went wrong. I sat there for a minute but did move and then showed I lost my primarch. I just thought it was lag. That’s weird

Just send a ticket in with troops lost and a picture of the castle you was at

I’ve had it like that the other week.

And support should refund you, just watch if the pull the “sorry we can’t” it’s a load of kakapoo

I sent this picture of the castle (Far East side) that’s already bubbled and my primarch moving away

Event shields can be dropped by owners of the castle, then kill your prim and reenable the shield.

And due to server lag you will see the castle as bubbled only. Only way to catch that trick is to exit and reload atlas thereby forcing a refresh.


Okay awesome I’ll update my ticket, thanks for the info!

This was supports reply

Ticket number: #1934456
Do I have grounds to ask for a little compensation for the troop loss there because of the bug? Not for anything big just the return of the troops lost

So it’s an Intended feature for you to lose troops when an attack is in flight as the bubble goes up, but also does not count :thinking:

How does that work ?

Ask to refund troops lost still. Don’t get how it worked for the attacker but not when you was attacking :joy:

Yeah that didnt give me a refund :confused: only lost about 3k so nothing big but oh well, typical PG I guess

Does the reverse apply?

If you are getting attacked at an unbubbled castle and fly to a bubbled castle, will the attack not count?

That’s a good question. Might exploit their rules of flying like how people are switching the primarch mid flights

well, it wasn’t to the bubbled castle… but there was an exploit.

you can search the forum on how pg stood against that though.

Edit: @Arelyna for reference on what “game is working as intended”

I’m confused. So if I’m sitting on an enemy castle, mid flight and the event shields go up, my attack no longer exists, correct?
If a defensive primarch attacks me, mid flight the bubbles go up. I see my attack did not register, so I begin to fly home. Then I’m shot out of the sky while my primarch is moving away from a bubbled castle.
Is this in fact how the game is supposed to work?

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