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Many of us have busted our tails to reach those level of rewards, those team chests just to see all those 0’s collect as well. How about anyone who hasn’t contributed in events or quests be made ineligible like those players who switch teams in middle of event because their teammates are also not participating.

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Freeloaders can be a thorn in the eye, I get that. There were times when I shared your view and felt the urge to punish the slackers… (here comes the)…

But this is a game promoting team play. Obviously, gathering 50 people who can work together perfectly is not the easiest task, but with proper communication it can improve.
Anyhow, if you have notorious underperformers, who don’t even say if they have any RL or game issues, then you might want to simply replace them once the event is over. Otherwise let them have their prizes! It’s not taken from yours.


As a side note, I gather that people who actually earn 0 on the quests don’t receive the team quest prize - they need to earn some points.

It wouldn’t hurt to apply the same to team achievements, I suppose, and have them locked unless you put some points on the board. But I don’t know that it’d help much either. Usually players who don’t help at all in events get kicked, at least temporarily, on competitive teams.


Maybe it’s time to find a new team. Successful teams have players not worried about the event minimums, they are worried about “how can I help my team the most.” Dread is an extreme example of this.

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People who contribute 0 points to quest aren’t able to collect the quest prize.

With all of the expectations associated with activity, the tedium of participating in the team quests is simply not something I will ever engage in. My team can benefit from my activity in all other sectors of the game, but I’m not going to spend time “following 15 times with a hunter dragon” every day. The only time I ever complete these is when it happens on accident.

If they were to make it to where everyone on the team gets to collect the prize except for me, I would 100% support that.

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