Event contributions on new team

I’m sorry if this has been answered. Is there a new rule for event contribution? I thought if a member was on another team and contributed then they will not be allowed to contribute for another team. There’s a member that was teamless during event start and joined a team. Points aren’t counting for them and it says ineligible on the team points list.
I also know previously if you’re on a team at event start and wait to start event until joining a new team event points count on the new team. Has this also changed?

I have something similar,but with Atlas
Also joined when event was up(treasure hunt part)
And when I’m doing poacher attacks,it will give me amount of shards which I will have on NML or safe zone

The team they join must also have had less than 49 players earn points. Only 50 players may earn points from a team.

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Yeah. There are still about 10 without event contributions

Maybe the person they swapped them for had event points?

This could be true. To my experience, no one has experimented with this past the most basic of ideas.

I’ll have them message support and see what they say. I’m curious

We had a bunch of players move over to our team before the event started. One came over I think during the treasure hunt phase and they weren’t accruing any points and are marked as being ineligible. Seems a bit rough when they had joined before the islands themselves even opened up. We have a number of eligible members still on 0 points, by the way.

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This is exactly what’s happening. They can spend energy and inner fires. They don’t get points for the spent energy/IF and they don’t get it back after its used. There was no warning saying “hey your contributions won’t count if you attack.” At the very least I feel they should be allowed to peruse their own personal points.

We have a couple of player that this is happening to as well.

as long as they haven’t made any attack i think and that the new team that he is joining has less than 49 members when the event started, I think that is possible.

It’s hard to experiment that kind of stuff since we have to sacrifice 1 event for it.

So if you only have 40 members, you can invite 10 players that hasn’t made their attack yet. Once they made an attack however, they should be registered as part of that team.

You said that the player was teamless, so it’s possible that he can contribute due to being teamless and joining a team that is registered on the event.

My apologies. They went to a gold team while waiting to be accepted. They didn’t do anything on that gold team except accept the daily egg tokens.

@PGEggToken @PGJared please tell me this will not be the case from now on… I’m completely screwed from an entire event without any sort of warning…

judging from your avatar (great contest avatar which is from years ago i think), you are an old player in this game. you should know that switching team will disable your participation during PvP events.

Only event that accepts switching team would be the minor event like fortification, breeding and training event.

as long as you are on the same league (gold > gold) you can receive team rewards. However, if not, then only personal points is obtained and it won’t contribute to your team.

We kicked someone during treasure hunt and brought someone else in and the new person isn’t eligible. :man_shrugging:

Yes. I am 100% aware that I can’t contribute to team rewards. I’m talking about personal rewards. Before you could go back to your old team and get personal points. I’m being told I’m screwed completely and there is no possible way for me
To get any points for the rest of the event

well, pvp event functions kind of a same like War battle. It already registered those who can participate when the event activated. If you switch, then your name won’t be registered on that new team.

i have changed teams in the past during pvp and have been able to continue with personal

I recall PG stating that anyone who changes teams during an event will not be able to claim points/prizes. Remember, back in the day, some diamond players (I’m sure others in other leagues were doing so as well but Diamond was called out specifically) were dropping down a few leagues to more easily collect individual prizes then back up to get the better team reward. That’s why this “rule” was implemented (as it should be).

But it should be consistently applied and from the posts in this thread, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

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