Event contributions on new team


basically, team hopping. Which is why PG decided to implement a rule to prevent team hoppers.

That might be why Banana was able to change team and contribute. So maybe it was in 1st quarter of 2016? dont know when that was implemented.


I suppose that it was changed to be stricter, because people would still swap around near the beginning and end; that’s something that should probably come with at least an in-game warning - not everyone intends to do that :see_no_evil:.


The main issue I have is personal prizes. I know it’s hard to get personal prizes in pvp as it is a team orientated event, but I feel personal prizes should be able to be achieved regardless of team change. I understand team prizes being removed.


those players should just start their own team (solo member team) and just focus on individual prizes. I would be surprised if they weren’t able to collect points that way.


PG admitted to giving me No warning


There’s no way for me to get personal prizes now :confused:


Or if someone were to get kicked, whether out of spite or their own fault… :scream:


well we can tag @PGJared for confirmation on this one.


Yes! That too, I don’t know if what banana was told was wrong, where she isn’t allowed to obtain any personal points or not… I guess we wait and see. If this is the case, I guess everyone will need to be more careful with swaps.


Or if you accidentally accept an invite from a new team with the unfortunate lack of an “are you sure” button. :fearful:


I made a topic about adding an “are you sure” button :laughing: but it was closed on January 4 :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately there was never any response from PG


We need that button if this is the new rule


Funny how no employees have commented on this thread. I suppose they will wait until after the event is over to comment.


I tested it with my alt. You can in fact go back to your previous team, no matter if you contributed 0 points or 1M points and gain personal points regardless of what support said.


This mechanism seems to be very fluid we have a team merging with us we’re sending some alts there to keep from getting declared on while transitioning we waited till Wars couldn’t be declared… my alt for instance I didn’t participate at all till I moved, my personal points are fine but I can’t contribute to the team… annoying but ok… others that also didn’t participate on their starting team couldn’t even get personal points… luckily yes if you go back to original team you can fully participate, far as I kno anyway but there’s no consistency and that’s a problem


BUMP… just needed to do this since i feel this need to be dealt with. Its not right screwing players out of personal rewards. Makes no sense about their reasoning bc u still get the team prize just cant get personal prizes.


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