Event coordination

Hello community, hey PG , @PGJared , @PGCrisis

This spring season the first two events was feeding and breeding. During the 50%sale dragon we had no real chance of getting energy and innerfire if we spent our stuff to get the sigils for this offer.

The first event of summer will be probably breeding, so i please you and think its the best way of having a choice, to make then the second a energy based event.
That way i decide if i want xp potions and food, or energy + innerfire beside the breeding stuff.

If you plan a feeding event , so please make it next week , or at the third week at earlierst.
Hope this is for the benefit of all players… Last time sadly this point was forgotten.



You do realize that PG is in business to make money. Hence the reasoning behind the schedule of events. (And 1/2 price divines/riders)
They have to pay back that 150 million bucks tencent invested a few years ago.
note 150 million is a rough guess as I have read 2 different articles stating 2 different amounts.

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I realize very well what PG is… Still there is no point to keep first two weeks with the same set of goldtreasure prizes, as it wasnt that way before.

People who dont get the chance just slow down, and dont really will pay… where is the motivation really…
Do you understand what this topic is up for ?

Could you give us helpful information please about this .

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