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Hi wonderful creators I was just wondering if we could please include an event-start countdown clock before events as I’m currently overseas in Europe travelling numerous countries and am completely lost when fort event starts and I see the same discussion in every league chat before every event - countdown clocks are cool please consider installing one prior to events. What do you all think of this idea?

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Not sure if this is a good idea.
On a non PvP event like Fort, the burden in the server is quite high. Plus we’ve just had an update. Therefore, a delay (1 min - 6 h :upside_down_face: ) is possible.

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It’s been done before (before my time) when the event was delayed players collectively lost their shit and it apparently did not end well…

So best that there is no count down clock ahead of time. This event is doing triple wood production IIRC, so you shouldn’t have any issues getting the lumber you need.


This idea has been brought up many times before and has been given a firm “no” from PG. It’s not uncommon for there to be some hiccups in getting fort event started and that would result in the countdown getting pushed back which defeats the purpose of having a countdown in the first place. Plus people get really angry when times aren’t kept :eyes:

Once PG actually did try to give an estimate of when fort would start. But there were problems and they needed to keep telling people to wait another 30min, then another, and another, until finally a good 6hrs or so later they were finally able to launch the event. Pretty sure after that there was a chorus of “never again” throughout PG HQ…


I like the idea, or the game clock others have suggested or both, and don’t know why if atlas events and pvp combat period have precise start times and countdown clocks minor events can’t too. But it’s War Dragons.

Events start late too often, they need to fix that first.
Especially with fort, you know people would build in a rush the second the clock ticked down and some of them would be burned by building too early.

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Not really a countdown, but a Fort tragedy has happened once (when testing the armory) :cry::sob:

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Events don’t have an official start time, how can they be late? You just mean you guessed the start time wrong too often?


No? It’s perfectly clear that events are consistently targeted to start Wednesdays at 2pm Pacific but are not infrequently delayed. If you have a countdown clock you can’t really tolerate delay; whatever parts of the process aren’t timely need to be completed before the countdown starts.

There are plenty of these if there’s actually any doubt:
Fortification Event Running Late! [Updated 2:09 PT - Live Now]
Team Gauntlet Event is Running a Bit Late Today
Temple Raid Start Time Delayed on November 14th
Fortification is next

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Has the 3x lumber production been officially announced / confirmed ? I have not read anything like this

From Poseidon’s poster, zoomed


Maybe there should be an in game clock, which just shows Pacific time.

I get easily confused when I’m travelling or there is a switch to/from daylight saving.

This is a good idea if they can’t do a countdown clock

Can we bring it back? I call this entertainment.

10pm BST is when the event starts, that’s 11PM throughout Europe etc, I don’t see why this is necessary, a simple google search will grant the desired result

A standard war dragons clock would go a long way to assisting with the different time zones. Even if there wasn’t an event clock, I see value in a GMT or something similar to keep all players across the globe in sync.

Why not add a day of treasurehunt like all pvp events have?

Because Treasure Hunt starts on Wednesday…which is when Fort starts.


Lost . . . . Their . . . Shit! :joy::joy::joy:. It was like a 3+ hour delay.

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An in game clock would be helpful. My vote would be for PST but I guess that is a personal decision.
My one and only real request would be that they use NTP to be sure it is accurate. I’ve had other games where clock drift became a real problem.

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