Event. Craft. Prizes ridiculous

Hello people. I dont know if someone already posted something about it but I didn’t find it and I just can’t believe no one is complaining about the sh%$^@ craft event prizes.

I mean, the new cadence shows craft only one time per month. At this event, a mythic piece, from 1 to 10 is enough to get the last prize. Thats pathetic


Since the map has no goal gear is the only sad goal we have to strive for and they can’t have us crafting it easily!
kidding but not kidding! Lol
It’s long overdue for a adjustment and crafting event definitely needs adjustments now after recent changes in our event rotation! :man_shrugging::rofl:


So @PGGalileo … will we have any change about it?

I cant believe that PG isnt even thinking about it!!!

Training Camp (7/12) will run every 2 weeks, so it’s not this dreadfully long month anymore. Remember that training camp will combine PRT and gear. We’ve yet to see information on training camp, though. I would hope they release that information soon.


Tks a lot!!!

But in name of Obatalá… couldnt it be post in a specific post? :joy: :joy:


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